BMW Group Will Design New Cars In This Center

BMW Group Will Design New Cars In This Center
BMW Group Will Design New Cars In This Center

Borusan Otomotiv is the Turkey distributor of BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad's manufacturer BMW Group opened its will shape the future of automotive hardware and software development center FIZ Projekthaus Nord plant.

Munich Research and Innovation Center (FIZ), where all important information from the global research and development network is gathered together and the final decisions are made on new technologies and vehicle concepts, continues to grow with the FIZ Projekthaus Nord facilities integrated into its structure. FIZ Projekthaus Nord facilities, where technologies that will shape the mobility of the future will be developed, are expected to further strengthen the leading role of the BMW Group in the field of sustainability and mobility. The FIZ Projekthaus Nord facilities, which will be the new heart of the BMW Group, are the milestone of the "FIZ Future" program, in which the company has invested approximately 1 billion Euros.

FIZ Projekthaus Nord facilities, built using the latest generation smart technologies, will host the hardware and software development activities of the BMW Group's next generation vehicles. Designed for new R&D priorities such as electrification, digitalization and increased vehicle connectivity, the building draws attention with more than 20 thousand servers and a storage capacity of more than 4 petabytes, which corresponds to 24 billion smartphone photos of 90 MB each. The facility, established on an area of ​​approximately 150 thousand square meters, has a capacity to host 100 employees with 200 test centers and 4.800 laboratories.

Investing in the Cities of the Future

In 2014, the BMW Group invested nearly 1 billion Euros in the 'FIZ Future' project, which was developed with the active participation of Munich City Planning and Building Regulations Department and Munich residents. This work forms an important part of the BMW Group's long-term vision of urban development.


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