Waste Trees Turns Into Artworks in the Capital

Waste Trees Turns Into Artworks in the Capital
Waste Trees Turns Into Artworks in the Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality ANFA General Directorate designs wooden figures with materials obtained from the roots and branches of waste trees. The staff working within the ANFA Landscape Directorate transforms them into works of art by producing various objects that will decorate Ankara's parks and recreation areas at the Wood Workshop.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality ANFA General Directorate; It conducts environmentally friendly, waste-oriented and savings-oriented activities.

Drawing attention with environmentalist projects throughout the city, ANFA Landscape Directorate produces visual materials by using waste trees, instead of removing roots and branches. Wooden materials produced in the Wood Workshop; Çubuk 1 Dam, 30 August Zafer Park, Esertepe Park and Youth Park adorn all parks and gardens affiliated to ANFA.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which offers a visual feast by increasing its production activities in order to increase environmental awareness and to evaluate waste materials, transforms the trunks, roots and pruned branches of the dried trees into works of art.

The objects that attract the attention of the children of the capital are also highly appreciated for their design suitable for the aesthetics of the city.


The park and recreation areas, which host many materials from wooden trains to swans, swings to horses, butterflies to deer, slides to libraries, pots, pallets to dogs, pinocchio to sitting benches, also witness a visual feast.

ANF ​​staff Landscape Republic and wooden slides produced by the car while it's only August 30 Victory Park in Turkey.


Children's environmental awareness kazanHamit Ertürk, who said that these kinds of materials are important for the human life, shared the following information about the objects they designed from trees:

“We use the surplus we get from pruning areas and pruning to rejuvenate trees. We look after whatever we can extract from dried and pruned trees. We process these tree scraps for recycling and try to serve public spaces as a service. We produce it from 90 percent natural wood so that children can slip on wood, not plastic. We also have miniature works in Çubuk Dam. With these efforts, we provide XNUMX percent recycling and because we use waste materials, we do not cost us much, on the contrary, we even provide savings. "

The Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out a meticulous work without harming the nature, spends an intense effort to spread the wood carving art, which is among the forgotten professions, in all recreation areas of the Capital.

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