President Turan Attended the Turkish Railway Summit

President Turan Attended the Turkish Railway Summit
President Turan Attended the Turkish Railway Summit

In line with the vision of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the Turkish Railway Summit, which will last for 4 days and organized to contribute to the mutual information exchange and development of relationship networks of the sector stakeholders, started with the opening session attended by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu and Fatih Mayor M. Ergün Turan.

The Turkish Railway Summit, which will take place at Sirkeci Station on October 21 - 24 with thousands of local and foreign participants, started with today's opening session. In his speech at the opening of the summit, President Turan said, “Sirkeci Train Station, which brings together the synthesis of East and West, adds a unique value to the silhouette of Istanbul and Fatih. Wherever the railway passes, not only commercial and economic but also social and cultural effects are experienced. We, as local governments, continue to do our part in projects that will bring a different breath to railway transportation ”.

In his speech in the program that started the railway reform in Turkey and Minister Karaismailoğlu said they would also require a physical growth of this process, Sirkeci about the importance for Station of Istanbul, Turkey, has used the following phrase: "Sirkeci Station in the hope make very good work, this is life, We will bring it to Istanbulites and Fatih residents. There was an important requirement for us to hold this Railway Summit today in Sirkeci Station. It is necessary to remember the services provided by Sirkeci Station for Istanbul. Therefore, this place will be opened to the use of our citizens in accordance with its history and culture. As of today, we will organize a very nice program that tells about our vision of the railway here for 4 days. "

After the speech, the high-speed train was welcomed, while the black train was sent off to show the historical development in the railways.



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