Suspended Tablet Campaign From Mayor Soyer Monday, October 12, 2020

Suspended Tablet Campaign From Mayor Soyer Monday, October 12, 2020
Suspended Tablet Campaign From Mayor Soyer Monday, October 12, 2020

After İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer announced that three thousand tablets will be distributed to support students who do not have tablets and computers in distance education, the number of applications reached 100 thousand in a short time. While new applications were suspended, the "suspended tablet" campaign was also launched due to the high demand. Mayor Soyer called on all citizens of İzmir to support the campaign.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality recently announced a support program for students who will do distance education but do not have these opportunities. In this context, it was announced that 20 thousand students who do not have internet will be given 4 GB internet and 3 thousand students will be given tablets. The number of applications to buy tablets via HİM and Bizizmir reached 100 thousand in a short time. Thereupon, the applications were stopped and the families and students who needed this support the most began to be determined. Since the demand is much higher than expected, the Metropolitan Municipality has added tablet and computer donations to its solidarity campaigns during the pandemic period.

Speaking about the application, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “First of all, we will identify our 3 thousand children who need the most support from the lists we have. But it is a fact that this number is far below the needs. Although we use all the possibilities we have, it is not possible to meet the demand. For this reason, we launched a new or second-hand tablet, computer, laptop donation campaign ”. Stating that they will deliver the donations to students who request tablets, President Soyer addressed the citizens of İzmir as follows: “If we do not educate the children, we will lose the future of our country. In a survey we made by a research company to determine the needs in the online education process, it was revealed that 23,4 percent of households with children in İzmir do not have a fixed internet, which corresponds to 216 thousand children in the city. The number of children in households that do not have any television, computer, tablet and smart phone in İzmir is exactly 3. 468 percent of households with children do not have a computer and tablet. This ratio points to 26 thousand households and 150 thousand children. We need a new unity and solidarity to change this picture a little bit. "

Those who want to deliver new or second-hand tablets, computers and laptops to students can participate in the campaign through the “Education Support” tab on Biz Izmir digital platforms.

Supports continue

By the middle of November, 3 thousand tablets will be delivered to the applicant children gradually. Büyükşehir will also provide online education support consisting of 4 thousand internet packages of 20 GB per month, as well as 25 thousand children with boots, coats and stationery cards for 130 TL.

Metropolitan has also transformed its municipal facilities into education centers to support students who receive distance education due to the pandemic but do not have a computer and internet connection at home. Metropolitan Municipality teams also continue to disinfect schools and distribute thermometers, two hygiene mats and disinfectants to all of them.

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