Mayor Altay Examined Aladağ Ski Center Road Works

Mayor Altay Examined Aladağ Ski Center Road Works
Mayor Altay Examined Aladağ Ski Center Road Works

Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Uğur İbrahim Altay met with citizens by making investigations in Derbent within the scope of district programs.

Mayor Altay, who visited the district tradesmen for the first time in Derbent, wished good deeds to the tradesmen and joined the citizens in a coffee house. sohbet did. After that, Mayor Altay, who came together with the party members in the AK Party District Organization, visited the Municipality of Derbent and met with Mayor Hüseyin Ayten.


Mayor Altay recently made examinations in Aladağ Ski Center road works, which the Metropolitan Municipality continues to build. Mayor Altay said in a statement he made here that they work at an intense pace in the districts. Stating that they have made an investment of 35 million lira in Derbent so far, Mayor Altay said, “Currently, we are turning the road to Aladağ into a tourism route. By using 9 thousand tons of asphalt on the 16-meter-wide road, we make it ready for our winter visitors. I hope Derbent Aladağ Ski Center will be offered to the service of people from Konya and the region. We work in harmony with our mayor and district mayor. On the one hand, we are making irrigation facilities, agricultural supports, ponds, city mansions, and on the other hand, we are eliminating the infrastructure deficiencies. With the completion of the Aladağ road, I hope we will fulfill our promises to Derbent this year. Good luck to our district. " used the expressions.


Derbent Mayor Hüseyin Ayten said, “We would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay. I hope Aladağ will become the ski center of Konya and the region. Asphalt and road issue was one of the most important problems. Our Metropolitan Municipality has always been with us. " he spoke.

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