Logistics Center Talk from BAKKA

Logistics Center Talk from BAKKA
Logistics Center Talk from BAKKA

Within the scope of the "Logistics Center Research and Pre-Feasibility Report" study, which is being prepared in the focus of the Filyos Valley Project, an online seminar called "Logistics Center Interview" was organized by BAKKA on 8 October 2020 in order to raise awareness and to share experience.

Moderated by Zonguldak Investment Support Office Coordinator Mustafa Ayhan İnanır, Maestro Lojistik A.Ş. Founding General Manager Hüseyin Isermiş and TOBB-BİS A.Ş. State and private sector representatives, non-governmental organizations and professional chambers from within and outside the region attended the talk, where Palestine Country Manager Osman Zeki Yalçın was present as a speaker.

The conversation, in which the speakers conveyed their experiences in the field of logistics, continued with the presentation of opinions and suggestions. The event, in which logistics and logistics centers, logistics in our country and in the world, Filyos Port and logistics were addressed, ended after the participants' questions were answered.

It is aimed that the "Logistics Center Research and Pre-Feasibility Report", of which studies started in July, will serve as a guiding guide for the regional stakeholders regarding the logistics center.

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