High Performance in B Segment, Hyundai i20 N

High Performance in B Segment, Hyundai i20 N
High Performance in B Segment, Hyundai i20 N

Hyundai remarkable distinction of being the most powerful cars produced in Turkey i20 N, peak performance hardware and comes with an aggressive character. The special car, prepared by Hyundai with its experiences in motor sports, takes its fast character from the i20 WRC rally car. One of the most exciting hot hatch models of recent years, the i20 N promises an enjoyable driving experience with its engine power, handling ability and dynamic technology as in other performance N models.

The foundation of the new i20 N is motorsport. The only goal of the car prepared in this direction is to offer a sports driving pleasure with maximum performance in daily life. Like its siblings, Hyundai i20 N, which will be produced with the labor of Turkish workers at the brand's factory in Izmit, has the same minimum weight in the FIA ​​World Rally Championship (WRC). Thus, while it is understood that the vehicle comes directly from motor sports, it also sheds light on the New i20 WRC, which is expected to be produced next year.

An aggressive and powerful exterior design

With its 20-liter turbo engine, Hyundai i1.6 N provides a high performance experience easily and also offers a very strong appearance. The exterior design of the powerful model is combined with Hyundai's Sensuous Sportiness design identity and presented under a high performance theme.

The vehicle, which is 20 mm lower than the current i10, is also presented in a completely different form aerodynamically in its exterior design. At the front, a bumper with a larger air intake for the turbo engine draws attention, while the wide radiator grille with the N logo is prepared with a checkered flag silhouette symbolizing the race filth. The under-bumper spoiler with red stripes also reinforces the performance-oriented design of the model. This red color emphasizes its width, extending first to the newly designed sill and then to the rear.

At the rear, there is a WRC-inspired roof spoiler. This aerodynamic part increases downforce as well as a sporty look and thus offers a fun ride. This part, which helps maintain balance at high speeds, is followed by the diffuser under the bumper. The rear bumper with a triangular rear fog lamp reflects the light theme we are used to seeing in motorsports. In addition, the single exhaust outlet used in the vehicle has clinched the high performance potential of the engine.

Like the other i20 models, the front LED headlights are also included in the i20 N, while the darkened tail lights look almost like a black diamond. The sports identity is also complemented by special design 18-inch alloy wheels in gray matte, 215/40 R18 HN-Pirelli P Zero Hyundai N tires and N branded brake calipers.

The i20 N comes in six different colors, including "Performance Blue" exclusive to Hyundai N models and a "Phantom Black" roof for a two-tone style. The red colors used further emphasize Hyundai's motorsport DNA.

High performance and comfort together

In the interior of the exciting car, performance-smelling equipment elements are included. The i20 N, which contains all the elements that should be in a hot hatch car, specifically has seats with the nubuck N logo. Unlike the current model, the vehicle, which is produced with a three-spoke N steering wheel, N gear knob and N pedal set, has blue ambient ambient lighting in the completely black cockpit. Featuring a digital indicator and AVN touch screen, the vehicle also has a triple LED instant tracking system. In addition to the oil and engine temperature, there is also a warning light showing the gear change time on this screen.

1.6 hp in B segment with 204 liter turbo engine

The Hyundai i20 N is not just sportswear, both inside and out. Supporting this character and stance with a high performance turbo engine, the car uses a 1.6-liter turbo engine signed by Hyundai Motorsport. The vehicle, offered with only a six-speed (6MT) manual transmission, produces a maximum of 204 horsepower. The i275 N, which adorns this efficient engine performance with 20 Nm of torque, weighs the same as the i20 WRC Coupe, ie exactly 1190 kg. This weight shows that the vehicle has the best weight in its class. While the Hyundai i20 N completes the 0-100 km / h range in 6.7 seconds, it can also reach a maximum speed of 230 km / h.

The car, which has a special system (Launch Control) for a more effective take-off in normal road conditions or racetracks, provides more torque and power even at lower revs. The i20 N also keeps its maximum torque between 1.750 and 4.500 revs and reaches maximum power between 5.500 and 6.000. This rev range improves acceleration at medium and high speeds and provides high performance in a variety of driving conditions. In addition, a torsion-gear type Mechanical Limited Slip Differential (m LSD) is used to control the power transmission to the front wheels. With this add-on, optimum traction is provided for a sportier and more agile ride, and grip reaches maximum levels, especially in bends.

Cooling system and intercooler are extremely important in turbo engines. For this reason, Hyundai N engineers used a special turbo system in the vehicle. The turbo engine, which is cooled by N intercooler and water circulation, provides faster combustion and a more efficient mixture with its 350 bar high pressure injection rail.

The Hyundai i20 N also has the N Grin control system for a more sporty driving pleasure experience. The vehicle offers a high level of personalization to its user with five different driving modes: Normal, Eco, Sport, N and N Custom. The driving modes adjust the engine, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), exhaust sound and steering response.

In the N Custom mode, the driver can adjust the parameters required for driving as he wishes. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) can be used in three stages (open, sport and fully closed) for sportier driving pleasure.

A special chassis and chassis

Hyundai engineers completely recreated the chassis, suspension, brakes and steering of the current i20 for handling, almost exclusively for the i20 N.

The special chassis developed for the N can offer smoother handling on any road and in all weather conditions. This chassis, which is reinforced at 12 different points for track performance, has additional elbows and fittings in some places.

The suspension also features reinforced front towers and articulated joints with tuned geometry. This means increased camber for better traction and five fixing points for the wheel. For more driving pleasure in daily life, a new anti-roll bar, new coil springs and hard shock absorbers are preferred. With a 5mm larger front disc than the current 20-door i40 models, the i20 N offers more effective braking performance as it should. The Hyundai i20 N has a very safe and at the same time precise driving thanks to a reduced steering ratio of 12.0 and an electronic engine-assisted hydraulic steering system (C-MDPS).

Hyundai i20 N will start production in Izmit in the first quarter of 2021 and will be available afterwards.

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