Organized Industrial Zones Meet Bicycle Roads in Ankara

Organized Industrial Zones Meet with Bicycle Roads in Ankara
Organized Industrial Zones Meet with Bicycle Roads in Ankara

The 'Bicycle Road Project', which Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş cares about most, among alternative urban transportation, is becoming more widespread with each passing day. The Metropolitan Municipality, which opened the first bicycle path between Anıtpark-Beşevler Junction, is now bringing together Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ) with bicycle paths after many universities. In order to encourage industrial employees to use bicycles, a 3-kilometer bicycle path was completed in Anadolu Organized Industrial Zone.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş continues to bring bicycle paths all over the capital city.

The "Bicycle Road Project", which President Yavaş aims to popularize among alternative urban transportation, is expanding day by day. Having completed the first phase of the 9-kilometer bicycle path project, consisting of 53,6 stages, by completing the Anıtpark-Beşevler Junction, Mayor Yavaş is now bringing the Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ) to bicycle paths.

Organized Industrial Zones Meet With The Blue Road After Universities

After the Anıtpark-Beşevler Junction, the Metropolitan Municipality built the bicycle paths of Başkent University Bağlıca Campus and Gazi and Turkish Aeronautical Association University, and completed the first bicycle path of the Anadolu Organized Industrial Zone and put it into service.

It is also aimed to prevent environmental pollution with the 3-kilometer bicycle path built to encourage employees to use bicycles in the Industrial Zones. Another aim of the bicycle path project, which was completed in a short time by the Department of Science, is to facilitate the access of the OSB employees to the station, which mainly provides transportation to the region by train.

Those who see that a bicycle path is built to the OIZ after years

While negotiations with universities on the one hand and other Organized Industrial Zones in the city on the other, OSB employees, who were surprised by the Metropolitan Municipality's construction of bicycle paths in a short time, expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

  • Hijri Kaplan: “I work in the environmental regulation of the Anadolu Organized Industrial Zone. I liked the Bicycle Path Project very much. It has been a very successful application. I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality for considering this project. "
  • Mehmet Uslu: “I am a service driver in OSB. It was a very nice application. Both those who make their hands healthy. Thanks to him, our President Mansur is also interested in Organized Industrial Zones. Even our asphalt used to be very bad. We could not go on the roads, even our vehicles were damaged. Our roads have also improved. Now a bicycle path has been built. Those who come by motor or bicycle use that road. It was beautiful. We thank you."
  • Ozden Yuksel: “This application has been very good. It is very good in encouraging the use of bicycles in Organized Industrial Zones. Vehicle use is reduced, environmental pollution is reduced. Besides, it becomes easier for the workers working here to reach the train station. "

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