Akçaray is Watched 400-7 with 24 Cameras

Akçaray is Watched 400-7 with 24 Cameras
Akçaray is Watched 400-7 with 24 Cameras

The Akçaray control center, located in the General Directorate of the Park, regularly monitors Akçaray trams and stations. The center provides service as a facility where many different tasks are carried out, such as crossing installations of trams, notification of vehicle malfunctions, tracking of vehicle tracking systems, safety of passengers, additional expedition guidance, cleaning, line safety, voyage planning, work schedule, reporting in short.


The control center, which has been working 7 days 24 hours from the day the tram was put into service, continues its mission meticulously. There are a total of 400 cameras inside and outside the tram for citizens to travel safely. The employees at the head of the system, which can monitor the inside of all stations, stops and trams served by remote monitoring method, carry out their duties with great care.


Akçaray control center can easily access stations and trams thanks to its cameras and remote access systems. As soon as in-car or station density is achieved, citizens are enabled to travel healthily by directing additional flights immediately.


The control of the Scada (energy) system of the remote line is also provided by the tram control center. In total, the electricity coming from 2 different regions is transmitted to the transformers and it is managed by being transmitted to the tram line thanks to the Scada system, and it is monitored 7/24 in case of emergency and in order to avoid any problems related to electricity. Thanks to the professional system installed, all the electricity of the line and tram is reflected on the information screens. Even when there is an interruption or electrical problem, it can cut the electricity of the entire line with 1 button, and it can easily power the entire line with 1 button.


The tram control center performs the cleaning control at the end of the night voyage. Careful cleaning is controlled one by one, and even the smallest dust is not allowed to remain in the vehicle. Before the expedition, all vehicles are sent to the line as cleanly as they leave the factory. The control center controls the vehicles from a to z.


The safety and working system of the trainers are also carried out by this team. Leave of absence or working system is issued monthly and distributed to residents and guards. The day at which station the guards working at the stations will work, meal breaks, need breaks are provided via radios. All the problems or questions faced by the boatmen at the end of the voyage and voyage are forwarded to this unit and resolved.

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