Yıldız Technical University Graduation Ceremonies Started

Star-Technical University-Graduation-Ceremonies-Started
Star-Technical University-Graduation-Ceremonies-Started

The events of the universities, which have been interrupted for a while due to the corona virus epidemic in the world, resumed with graduation ceremonies. Yıldız Technical University is proud to graduate for the 107th time.

University activities, which were delayed for a while due to the pandemic, resumed. Yıldız Technical University Graduation Ceremony, which has graduated for the 107th time this year, is held both physically and online. The ceremonies, which will last for 5 days, will be held on Monday, October 19, by Yıldız Technical University Rector Prof.Dr. It started with Tamer Yılmaz's effective opening speech.

From Student to Rectorate

Emphasizing that he is also a graduate of Yıldız Technical University and explaining the process of coming to his current position, Prof. Tamer Yılmaz said, “During the last two months as the rector of my university where I graduated, I had the opportunity to review this long journey from start to finish. I feel a great sense of responsibility. The main reasons why I feel this are "belonging" and "loyalty". I always carried my star loyalty and sense of loyalty to Yıldız with me. Thanks to this, I am here now and I am working for my university with all my strength. " said.

"Our goal is to be a leading university in the national field"

Addressing the students attending the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Yılmaz continued his speech as follows: “Our goal is to transform Yıldız Technical University into a nationally pioneer, internationally ranked, contributing to the national development move of our country, and playing a role in solving the problems in the world, with innovative and proactive new generation digital age-appropriate equipment and competencies. . At Yıldız Technical University, you first learned to question, to pursue knowledge and truth. You have seen the power of the human mind. You have pushed your own limits. Aware of the power of pushing the limits for the healing of humanity; you have a taste of learning, knowing and truth. These have now become your Starry habits that you cannot give up. There is no greater happiness in life than the facts, leaving aside the shortcomings of yesterday and worries about tomorrow, taking risks, showing courage and getting involved in life, taking action. Now is the time to bring these Starry habits to life. As a Yıldız Technical University graduate, you have the highest skill and competence for this. " said.

Wishing success to the graduates in their future lives, Prof. Dr. Tamer Yılmaz gave plaques to the graduates of the Faculty of Architecture. Starting with the graduates who were in the hall, their diplomas were given by the faculty deans and department heads. Diplomas will be awarded to graduates of all faculties during the five-day graduation ceremonies.


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