Toyota Hybrid Vehicle Sales Exceed 16 Million

Toyota Hybrid Vehicle Sales Exceed 16 Million
Toyota Hybrid Vehicle Sales Exceed 16 Million

Ever since Toyota introduced the revolutionary hybrid technology model to the automobile world in 1997 for the first time, hybrid vehicle sales have exceeded 16 million units.

Toyota, which sold 2020 thousand 8 hybrid cars in the first 979 months of 855, reached a total of 16 million 7 thousand 441 units. With this sales figure, Toyota maintained its clear leadership in hybrid technology. Turkey produced at Toyota C-HR in the same period a year 79 thousand 132 units with sales the day it started to produce threw a total of 655 thousand 687 units sold since signing.

Toyota achieved another important success in hybrid vehicle sales in Europe, exceeding 3 million units. In the first 8 months of the year, the number of hybrid vehicles sold by Toyota throughout Europe was 281. Toyota, also in Turkey by doing so far 876 thousand 2009 units sales of hybrid cars since 29, has continued its leadership in hybrid vehicle sales in Turkey. Today, 776 of every 100 hybrid vehicles in traffic in Turkey is carrying the Toyota logo.

5,5 million electric vehicles sold annually

Toyota also announced that the annual sales of 2030 million electric vehicles planned for 5,5 will be realized 5 years earlier than expected. In the statement made by Toyota, it was announced that electric vehicle sales will increase to 5 million annually in 2025, 5,5 years ahead of the plan.


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