To the Attention of Candidates Who Passed the Oral Exam of Railway Line Maintenance Repairer!

To the Attention of Candidates Who Passed the Oral Exam of Railway Line Maintenance Repairer!
To the Attention of Candidates Who Passed the Oral Exam of Railway Line Maintenance Repairer!

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Railway Line Maintenance Repairers of the original winning candidates oral exam, the requested documents 02.10.2020 - 25.12.2020 between the Regional Directorates they are connected is required to submit by applying in person. Substitute candidates will be invited to replace the original candidates who do not submit the requested documents between the specified dates.


1. 2 copies of identity cards (certified by the notary or approved by the TCDD official by seeing the original.),

2 Copies of Diploma (Notarized or original will be approved by TCDD official), (Vocational High School Diploma)

3. 2 military status certificates (indicating demobilization, postponement or exemption),

4. 2 Criminal record records (from the Public Prosecutor's Office or with e-government password will be taken from. Court decision will be requested from those who have a criminal record.),

5. 6 Photographs,

6. If available, a copy of the road license.

7. If available, the photocopy of the Professional Competence Certificate or the photocopy of the mastership certificate

8.Service schedule that is subject to any social security institution in terms of the implementation of the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law, if any,

9. The report obtained from the laboratory / hospital authorized by the Ministry of Health indicating that the drug and stimulant test received a "negative" result,

10. Railway Safety Critical Duties Regulation According to our B Group Health Conditions; Hospitals Authorized to Issue Health Board Reports to Railway Safety-Critical Duties Personnel (Hospital List, our website Posted in section.) from any of; A Health Board Report with 8 physician signatures (8 branches: eye, ear nose throat, internal medicine, neurology, general surgery, psychiatry, cardiology, orthopedics and traumatology) will be obtained.

In the Health Board Report;

  • Eye Vision Forces (right and left eyes are specified separately),
  • Color Examination (Ishihara test is required; lenses or glasses can be used to remove color blindness during the test.),
  • Hearing examination should be done (In audiometric examination, pure tone average of 500, 1000, 2000 frequencies should be 0-40 dB.) And should be indicated in the audiometry graph.

In the decision: "Railway Group B operates / cannot work in safety-critical tasks." should write the provision clearly.
Substitute candidates, in order of backup;

The main candidate;

  • Not coming to start work,
  • Failure within the trial period (4 months),
  • Leaving the job within the trial period,
  • He will be called if the Health Board Report is not suitable for the job or if he is found insufficient in his psychotechnical evaluation.

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