Gebze Multi-Storey Parking Lot Becomes Citizens' Choice

Gebze Multi-Storey Parking Lot Becomes Citizens' Choice
Gebze Multi-Storey Parking Lot Becomes Citizens' Choice

Gebze Multi-Storey Car Park, opened by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, continues to host citizens. Providing 7/24 service in Gebze and frequently used by citizens, the parking lot stands out with its smart features. The parking lot, which is monitored every second with 57 cameras, is located in the center of Gebze.


Gebze Multi-Storey Parking Lot, put into service by the Metropolitan Municipality, is the first smart car park of the district. The smart car park, which is monitored second by second with its license plate reading system, electric car charging unit, disabled parking area and 57 cameras in total, enables citizens to leave their vehicles easily even to the upper floors with 2 different elevators on the right and left. The Gebze car park, which is built with the latest technology and has become a facility where citizens can easily park their cars on every floor, provides security with cameras throughout the day.


The parking lot, operated by the TransportationPark, also has a subscription system. Citizens are more satisfied by decreasing the fees paid with the subscriber system. Citizens who are members of the subscriber system can use the system like their own parking lot by entering and leaving their vehicles whenever they want.


The citizen named Çetin Kültür, who uses the parking lot, said, “The construction of the car park in Gebze center was a great blessing for the people here. May Allah be pleased with the one who makes it. The other day, people understood the value of this. When it was full, it bought vehicles much more than the parking lot capacity. We put our vehicle. 700-800 cars were kept here. My vehicle is here. I am a monthly subscriber. It met the great need. “We would like to thank Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for its service”.


Mustafa Sedefoğlu said, “Before this car park was established, we almost could not find a place to park our vehicles. Such a large parking lot was needed in the heart of the market. It was a very useful work. We thank our Metropolitan. A car park on every floor, on every side. I hope it will continue like this. It was a great convenience for pregnant women ”. A citizen named Ömer Yıldırım said, “I would like to thank our Transportation Park and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for the contribution of the parking lot to our environment. Since Gebze is a developing district due to the central location of the parking lot and its proximity to the bazaar, we were having trouble finding a place. It was a great opportunity to have such a large-story car park in this regard. We are very satisfied. Fortunately, such a thing has been done. I have been using it for 4 months. If it happens, we will continue further ”.

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