Reyhanlı Dam, the Dream of Amik Plain, was Put into Service

Reyhanlı Dam, the Dream of Amik Plain, was Put into Service
Reyhanlı Dam, the Dream of Amik Plain, was Put into Service

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan participated via videoconference, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Reyhanlı Dam was put into service with the ceremony attended by Bekir Pakdemirli from the dam construction.

In his speech at the ceremony, President Erdoğan said that the works of art kazanCongratulating those who contributed to its construction, he said that the Reyhanlı Dam is an important investment that will ensure the protection and irrigation of the Amik Plain from floods and increase the fertility of the land.

Stating that the 585 thousand decares of land to be irrigated by the dam will provide more than 451 million TL increase in income for the farmers, President Erdoğan said that he will provide additional employment for more than 52 thousand people.

Pointing out that the size of this irrigation area represents approximately one fourth of the total agricultural land in Hatay, President Erdoğan said:

“Two of the three parts of irrigation projects were tendered. In addition, land consolidation works continue. We form one of the most important bird paradises of our country in the dam area on the route of migratory birds. Thanks to the Reyhanlı Dam, which will be fed by the Afrin and Karasu Creeks, which cause frequent flooding in the region, this disaster risk will be largely prevented in the Amik Plain. The water storage volume of our dam, which reaches 480 million cubic meters, is equivalent to 7 dams on average. Thus, last year, the area of ​​floods, which previously affected 175 thousand decares, decreased to 25 thousand decares. I hope that with the commissioning of this dam, the Amik Plain will turn into a place symbolized not by disasters, but by its abundance. "

"We Will Continue to Develop, Develop and Grow Hatay"

Stating that the longest regulator of the country and the highest capacity transmission line that will transfer the Afrin Stream to the dam is also an important part of this project, President Erdoğan said, “By raising the body of Tahtakale Dam, which was put into operation in 1977 in a place close to our Syrian border, by increasing its storage volume by 9 times. we increased more. Thus, we have increased the irrigation area of ​​the dam from 2 thousand decares to 109 thousand decares with an additional 344 thousand decares. The annual economic benefit of this project to our country in irrigation is 453 million TL. Its additional contribution in energy production is 350 million TL. In addition, thanks to this capacity increase, approximately 80 thousand people will be employed in the region ”.

Pointing out that this capacity increase will also be beneficial in preventing floods, President Erdoğan said:

“The total irrigation area size of Reyhanlı and Tahtakale dams reaches 1 million 50 thousand decares, that is, half of the agricultural lands in Hatay. We included the first part of the irrigation project in the investment program. Hopefully, we will start the construction as soon as possible. In addition, we offer the water provided from the Büyük Karaçay Dam to the service of the people of Hatay by passing it through a treatment plant. With the treatment plant we will put into service, 15 thousand cubic meters of drinking water is supplied daily to our city center and 123 residential areas. As you can see, we provide Hatay with the abundance of water in every area by treating drinking water with flood protection and irrigation. Of course, the dam, irrigation and drinking water investments we made in Hatay are not just these. In the last 18 years, we have built 3 dams, 7 ponds, 3 irrigation facilities, 13 stream rehabilitation and 81 drinking water facilities in Hatay with an investment of nearly 5 billion TL. In addition, the construction of 2 dams, 2 ponds, 15 irrigation facilities, 5 stream rehabilitation and 1 drinking water facility continues. Hopefully, we have more infrastructure investments in our city. We will continue to develop, develop and enlarge Hatay together with the other 80 provinces of our country by working hand in hand with our people. "

Turkey's global crisis centers in the very heart of the involvement despite Besides the strength of the unity and not standing still is owed to the solid infrastructure in each area representing President Erdogan told yesterday they inaugurated a logistics center and a lot of important work to the ring road of the city hospital in Konya .

Every day of the past 18 years is a good work for the country and the nation. kazanEmphasizing that they are continuing their efforts, Erdoğan said that they have implemented investments in every field, from education to health, from justice to security, from transportation to energy, from agriculture to industry, which doubled what had been done in the entire history of the Republic.

Turkey develops, grows, voicing stronger international area also came to better defend can level the law by entering the toughest fight if necessary, President Erdogan, coronavirus outbreak of the effects of the reshaped global world order, the country's rightful place to get to, day and night they are working, he said.

President Erdoğan wished that the projects opened would be beneficial and congratulated those who contributed and made his speech, “May our life be dear like water. Water is civilization. " finished with the words.

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