Ekrem İmamoğluDescription of Taksim Square from

Ekrem İmamoğluDescription of Taksim Square from
Ekrem İmamoğluDescription of Taksim Square from

IMM organized the “Taksim Urban Design Competition” on March 2. A total of 4 projects, 29 domestic, 72 foreign and 48 mixed projects, participated in the competition from 26 continents and 146 countries. Announcing its decision on September 20, 2020, the jury found 3 works worthy of an equivalent award. It was decided to present the 3 selected projects to the public vote and to bring the winning work to life as the new face of Taksim. Before the public vote, IMM organized the "Taksim Urban Design Colloquium" and an award ceremony. IMM President, who made the opening speech of the colloquium held online Ekrem İmamoğluHe stressed that he is eagerly awaiting the implementation of the project. İmamoğlu expressed his feelings, “There is a great design-oriented democracy festival waiting for us in front of us. With this method, which is tried for the first time in Turkey, we want to reshape the public spaces together with our fellow citizens with designs that can best meet their expectations, and to bring them to the level of quality our society deserves.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) organized the "Taksim Urban Design Competition" through the Department of Cultural Heritage. Registrations for the project, which will change the face of Taksim Square, one of the symbolic areas of the city, in line with its social and historical importance, began to be received on March 2. For the first stage of the competition, a total of 4 applications were received from 29 continents and 72 countries, including 48 domestic, 26 foreign and 146 mixed. As a result of the jury evaluation, 20 projects remained for the second stage. The second stage evaluation process was concluded on 20 September 2020. The jury found 3 works that participated in the competition worthy of an equivalent award. Winning projects; The 15th project led by Şerif Süveydan was announced as project number 16 led by Bünyamin Derman and project number 19 led by Kutlu İnanç Bal. It was decided to present the selected 3 projects to the folk dance and to realize the winning work as the new face of Taksim.

Before the popular vote, IMM organized the "Taksim Urban Design Colloquium" (a scientific meeting where a scientific problem or political, economic, diplomatic problems were discussed) and an award ceremony. The first speech was made by Deputy Secretary General Mahir Polat at the meeting, which was held over the social media accounts of IMM and Mayor İmamoğlu. Polat shared the details of the competition and its aftermath. Making the opening speech of the colloquium after Polat, İmamoğlu said, “I am sure when it comes to Taksim, memories come alive in a corner of everyone's mind. I guess that a long time has passed since many of them. Because Taksim has now moved away from its glamorous days. Today I am here to share with you a new stage of the work we started so that the glow will come back again, and it will regain its charm in our memories ”.

Stating that squares are symbols of cities, İmamoğlu said, “They are memories reflecting the culture, life, economic and cultural accumulation of their place. It carries traces from every society living in the city. There you can find something from every component of society. Producing, working, talking, thinking; they are common spaces that belong to every mind. In this sense, Taksim Square has become a center where the energies of people who have these characteristics, especially since the Republic period, come together. So much so that songs, novels and movies were the subject of. We started to introduce our guests coming to the city to Istanbul from here. We did this because Taksim is one of the hallmarks of the city and even our country. However, this habit of our generations has been lost. Taksim was sentenced to urban design disasters. He was most influenced by the understanding that does not see squares as areas of democracy and freedom ”.

Saying, “We have initiated new formations in many fields in order to make it possible to participate, to make decisions together, to listen to every word and to direct the future of the city together with Istanbulites”, Imamoglu said, “Our Istanbul Planning Agency has opened 10 competitions so far within the body of IMM. Processes subject to urban design ranging from urban furniture to archaeological park, from cemeteries to square projects were operated. These competitions are for different disciplines; nationally and internationally; It was organized in a wide variety of free, two-stage and pre-selected. The members of the competition juries were also determined on the basis of merit ”.

İmamoğlu; He also shared the following information regarding the referendum: “Our open air exhibitions related to these 19 competitions completed in Taksim, Bakırköy and Üsküdar squares on 3 October will be opened simultaneously. We will explain the projects prepared for these areas to our citizens of Istanbul with drawings, videos and models. It will not be limited to this; each equivalent award winner will answer questions from Istanbulites. The projects that won equivalent awards in Taksim on 20 October, Bakırköy on 21 October and Salacak on 22 October will answer your questions about the projects. We published all the winning projects on the internet. Istanbulites will be able to examine all the projects that have not won and ask their questions. With the opening of the exhibitions of equivalent awards in our squares on October 19, voting will begin on our website istanbulsenin.org and in the squares. The security of voting for our citizens to vote with their ID numbers will be provided by our Istanbul City Council. After the voting that will continue until November 12, we will share the winning projects for each competition with the public on the week of November 16, without losing time. "

Emphasizing that he is looking forward to the implementation of the project, İmamoğlu expressed his feelings with the following words: “I am sure all Istanbulites are waiting for this process with enthusiasm as I do now, from project to production. We want to bring Taksim, where Istanbul will reveal its memories with its old liveliness for decades, with its most identity and highest quality form, and by starting 2021 as soon as possible and ending it at full speed. There is an enormous design-oriented democracy festival waiting for us. This is exactly the name of it. With this method employed for the first time in Turkey, together with our fellow citizens and public places, to reshape the design could best respond to their expectations, the level of quality that is worthy of our society we always want to bring along. When all our projects related to Taksim and other areas come to life, a more beautiful Taksim, creating squares where we come together again, happily, lively, in Istanbul will really increase the dynamism of this city. While being together, it will actually magnify the love and respect for each other. We will increase the public's sense of ownership of the city and we will initiate an enormous cooperation process here. I feel it."

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