Software Update for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Released

Software Update for Galaxy Watch Active2 Released
Software Update for Galaxy Watch Active2 Released

With Samsung's latest software update for Galaxy Watch Active2, users get their favorite health, communication and connectivity features.

Samsung Electronics announced that the software update for the Galaxy Watch Active2 smartwatch, which includes new health, communication and connectivity features, is available for download as of today. Here are some new features you can use on your Galaxy Watch Active2:

You can improve your sports performance

You can be a better runner with the Running Analysis feature. This feature also offers measurements that help you improve your form and prevent possible injuries during your sports activities. Analyzing your runs, Galaxy Watch Active2 can also provide a variety of detailed measurements such as asymmetry, regularity, stiffness, vertical sway, ground contact time to help you improve performance and reduce injuries.

In addition to these, it is now possible to measure your VO2 max, which shows the maximum amount of oxygen used during intense exercise. VO2 max is a type of measurement used to determine the fitness and performance capacity of the athlete, that can track progress in your exercise routine and helps you increase your endurance.
Take care of your loved ones even if you are far away

The Fall Detection Feature helps you protect the health of yourself and your loved ones even if you are somewhere else. When a potential fall is detected, you will be able to immediately send SOS notifications to four people you designate, so you won't have to wait long for help.

Communicating from your wrist is now more comfortable

After receiving a notification on your smartwatch, you can easily view emoticons and photos from your wrist, without having to look at your phone. In addition, thanks to the Intelligent Reply feature with advanced visual perception technology, you can respond to both your messages and the visual messages you receive by choosing one of the suggested answers, even if you are currently busy. Also, when you receive a message, your watch is automatically displayed instead of a single message. sohbet It also shows your history so you can quickly continue your conversation. You will no longer have to switch devices without stopping because you will be able to do more using your watch. With the latest update coming, you will also have fun, trendy answers at hand. You will be able to send both AR Emoji Stickers and Bitmoji Stickers directly from your watch and now express yourself better in the messages you send while on the road.

You will be able to control your mobile experience easily

With Galaxy Watch Active2, you'll be able to control your mobile experience more effortlessly, including instant access to your playlist on your phone. With the latest update, you will enjoy a smoother music experience on all your devices, from your smartphone to your Galaxy Buds device and smartwatch. Also, your Galaxy Watch Active2 smartwatch will now support the scrolling screenshot feature. In this way, when you take a screenshot from your smart watch, this image will be automatically sent to your smartphone. In this way, you will be able to take screenshots of message threads, exercise information and much more.


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