Sivas High Speed ​​Train Workshop Will Be Held In December

Sivas High Speed ​​Train Workshop Will Be Held In December
Sivas High Speed ​​Train Workshop Will Be Held In December

The 4th Meeting of the Provincial Coordination Board and the Meeting of Provincial Administration Branch Heads were held at SİVAS. Officials of public institutions and organizations and the Chairman of the Board of Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO) Mustafa Eken attended the meeting, chaired by Governor Salih Ayhan.

Providing information on chamber studies and issues requiring coordination, President Eken thanked all institutions for the work carried out in the city.

Stating that there was a 2020% increase in exports in September 41 in Sivas, our President Eken said, “According to the data of September last year and September this year, there was an increase of 41% in exports in Sivas. Our exports, which were around 6 million last year, increased to around 10 million dollars in September this year. The increase in exports due to the increase in the employment of the lands and new factories we have allocated in the board of directors we carry out under the chairmanship of you (Governor Salih Ayhan) in the OIZ is a big indicator. 1. We have no place left in our Organized Industry. We allocated a 2nd place in the Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone, and we are meeting with the 3rd and 4th companies. When we say the second and third factory, there are new investments. May Allah make our unity continue together, we will carry Sivas to the place it deserves ”.

President Eken emphasized that tradesmen are going through a difficult process and said; “Our tradesmen and traders have gone through a difficult period. But it is decreasing slowly. May Allah be pleased with our state. I want to thank our Cumhuriyet University. The tradesmen at the university did not take rent from the closed ones, and from the open ones, they demanded 50 percent rent. We told our rector that we demanded this to be applied to the foundation tenants. Thanks to all the foundation tenants do not get rent from those who are closed and they get 50 percent from the others. I thank them. We ask our other public institutions, especially our Regional Director of Foundations, to show the same sensitivity at other locations here, and to be with our tradesmen in the most difficult period of our merchants on a general gross basis. "

Stating that they are waiting for the allocation of a place for the Fair Area planned to be built by our chamber, our Mayor Eken said, “In this sense, our Environment and Urbanization Manager is here, our Deputy Mayor is here. We promised a fairground, we will build a fairground. We gave the current place to our university. I hope we will have a beautiful university. "We are waiting for the allocation of space from the Ministry of Urbanization for the area we will build on behalf of the chamber in 2021 for the promotion of Sivas in this new fair area.

Eken stated that the High Speed ​​Train Workshop will be held in December, and that it will be a workshop with a wide participation in which all stakeholders will participate and it is planned to eliminate the shortcomings of the relevant institutions in High Speed ​​Train.

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