Sea Transportation Is Rising In Izmir

Sea Transportation Is Rising In Izmir
Sea Transportation Is Rising In Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's General Directorate of IZDENIZ has recently reduced the frequency of trips to every 15 minutes, and the wage advantage for cyclists has been positively reflected in passenger statistics. On the other hand, the Uğur Mumcu Car Ferry, which is about to be completed, will be a New Year's gift to the city.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of İZDENİZ, which provides public transportation services in İzmir Bay, has recently started to serve cyclists for 5 kurus; then, by switching to the "once in 15 minutes during the day" tariff, it ended the waiting period in sea transportation. The new implementations also reflected positively on passenger statistics.

While the number of cyclists using the ships was 2 in the first week of September; In its last week, it increased by 617 percent to 54.7. İZDENİZ has also increased its bicycle mooring capacity in all its ships. There are 4 bicycle mounts on cruise ships and 69 on car ferries.

Record on the car ferry

KarşıyakaWith the passenger ships on the Konak and Bostanlı-Konak lines switching to a voyage every 15 minutes during the day, and the ferryboats switching to a voyage every 20 minutes, a significant increase was observed in the number of passengers with cars. While the number of passengers using the Üçkuyular-Bostanlı line was 2020 thousand 76 in August 572; this number reached 25.5 thousand 96 in September with an increase of 131 percent. While the highest number of vehicles transported during the day before the pandemic was 3 thousand 8, a record was broken with 2 thousand 4 vehicles on Friday, 320 October. Citizens escaping from motor vehicle traffic intensified due to coronavirus concerns, save time and fuel thanks to the ferryboats that run every 20 minutes. kazanwas.

Uğur Mumcu is also coming

Having the youngest naval fleet in Europe, İZDENİZ continues to get stronger with new ships. After Fethi Sekin Car Ferry, which started its voyage in August, Uğur Mumcu Car Ferry is counting the days to be included in the fleet. The ship, whose construction is about to be completed, will arrive in Izmir by the end of October. Uğur Mumcu Car Ferry is planned to start serving Izmir residents by January 2021 at the latest, after inspection and acceptance procedures. With the commissioning of this ship, car ferry trips will be able to be made every 15 minutes, especially during peak hours.

use the sea kazan

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said that sea transportation is both enjoyable and time-consuming. kazanhe said he hung up. Noting that the bay is a great chance for İzmir in every sense, President Soyer said, “We have such an important alternative in public transportation. We want our citizens to use it much more widely and we are working for it. Pandemic or not; Let's prefer sea transportation more so that we can save time. kazanpurchase. Reduction in motor vehicle traffic; It will contribute to our national wealth with the decrease in fuel consumption, and to public and nature health by minimizing environmental and noise pollution.”

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