Young people from Bursa left their mark on Teknofest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival

Young people from Bursa left their mark on Teknofest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival
Young people from Bursa left their mark on Teknofest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival

Teknofest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival in Bursa who obtained degrees in different categories came together with young Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, said that Turkey will become one of the leading countries in the field of technology.

Many teams from Bursa participated in the Teknofest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, which was held in Gaziantep on September 22-27 this year, and succeeded in being ranked. The finals of the technology competitions, which were held in 21 different categories and where 100 thousand applications were made, were held in Kocaeli, Tuz Gölü and Gaziantep. Bursa Technical University (BTU) 'Turna technical team' came first in the "Flying car design competition advanced category" field of the festival. Again, BTU team 'Lagari' students won the second place in the fixed wing category of the "Tübitak International Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Competition". BTU 'Btusect' team students came third in the 'Agricultural Technologies Competition' with their project '' Digital pheromone traps ''.

While working in Bursa Science and Technology Center 'Bioks team', 'Wet hedgehog' project 'Biotechnology' in the category Turkey was the 6th. 'Robokod team' if 'Agusta-v2 - smart city management project of' intelligent 'transport category' Turkey was the 3rd. Continuing its work in Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Görükle Youth Center, the 'Bursa Uludağ University Young Engineers Community Ulucopter UAV team also came in second in the' Tübitak international unmanned aerial vehicles competition 'rotary wing category.

In the rocket competition, 'Vefa unmanned systems team', 'The rocket competition came third in the low altitude category, and again in the same competition' Young Architect Sinan Vefa rocket team ',' The rocket competition made Bursa proud by winning the second place in the high altitude category.

"The first torches of the forward point to go"

The Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş, who came together with the winning students in Merinos Park, received information about the projects and congratulated the young people. Be strong in every sense of the moral and material contemporary Aktas President said that the main indicator of the rise to the level of civilization, the necessary moves the horse with Turkey, he said younger generations. Stating that Teknofest is one of the important initiatives in this sense, President Aktaş expressed that they wish to organize Teknofest in Bursa in 2022. Stating that he believes that the teams in Bursa will reach a more assertive position by this time, Mayor Aktaş explained that they are very proud of the 6 teams ranking. Until yesterday this sense, the move can not be done, which is now Turkey's UAV, SIH on, produce best-equipped rockets and aircraft, Aktas President underlined that use it, "Bursa's high-tech think would look best. In this sense, the young generation will be a pioneer. Now these efforts will not be lost and will literally blow the country. We will be one of the few countries in the world in this field. Thanks to Teknofest, very crazy projects emerge, young people develop their own vocabulary. We have a long way to go. These are the first torches of the forward point our country will go to. These efforts will not go unpaid. The world pandemic talking, Turkey is talking about high technology. I congratulate all students who participated in the competition. I would like to thank the mothers and fathers who made great efforts to young people ”.

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