STM Aims to Complete the National Submarine Project in 2023

STM Aims to Complete the National Submarine Project in 2023
STM Aims to Complete the National Submarine Project in 2023

STM, which is capable of designing and supporting all kinds of submarines from 150 tons to 3000 tons for the classic submarine, aims to complete the National Submarine Project in 2023.

STM, which plays an important role in the domestic ship projects of the Turkish defense industry; Deniz Projects Director Mehmet Selahattin Deniz was the guest of the last program of this week's “1v1 Answers with STM” project, which he initiated to convey his experience to the public through social media.

Turkey's national sea submarine STM studies and spoke about their role in this work;

“In 2005, our directorate was established under the chairmanship of the late Admiral Savaş Onur and we were four people. We are currently working with nearly 300 white collar engineer friends. In 2009, there was a goal given by our government; gain submarine design skills. Since 2009, we have developed this capability in many submarine projects, as a partner in projects abroad, especially in new type submarine projects. "

Stating that STM has the opportunity to design and support all kinds of submarines of different tonnages, he made important statements about the National Marine Submarine Project:

“As STM, we are in a position to design and support all types of submarines ranging from 150 tons to 3000 tons for conventional submarines. Now he came to the National Submarine in Turkey. In this regard, an office consisting of distinguished engineers of the Naval Forces was established at the Gölcük Shipyard Command under the General Directorate of Shipyards. We; We aim to complete the National Submarine Project in 2023, with STM, Navy and all the elements of the industry that will contribute to this. "

Selahattin Deniz explained the work STM carried out while reaching its current position as follows: “What did STM do while reaching here? There were modernizations of the Turkish Navy's Moon Class Submarines. We made them happen. Currently, we are doing the Half-Life Modernization (YÖM) of Preveze Class Submarines. In addition, with this experience, we have received the half-life modernization of Pakistan's Agosta B Class Submarines. It is very comprehensive; sensor, command control system, weapon etc. In the New Type Submarine, we are in search of increasing localization in order to reduce the foreign dependency that can be made in both design and the sector. We are trying to ensure that these are reflected in 6 new type submarines at an increasing rate in each phase. "

"STM is making steady progress in submarine work"

STM won the tender for Pakistan's Agosta 90B submarine modernization project, despite competing with the French manufacturer of the submarine. STM is also involved in the modernization of the Turkish Navy's Moon and Preveze class submarines. STM, which is steadily advancing its work on submarines, exhibited the conceptual design of the TS 19 submarine at IDEF'1700.

The TS 1700 propulsion system is made with the help of an electric motor, two diesel generators with an air independent propulsion system (AIP). The platform can dive deeper than 300 meters. Working with 90 + 25 Special Force personnel with a 6-day tenure, the submarine protects personnel and equipment from underwater explosions with its double elastic platform. It allows the deployment of 16 modern heavy torpedoes and 8 guided missiles.

Source: defenceturk

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