KarşıyakaPeople Started Signature Campaign for 'White Wagon'

KarşıyakaPeople Started Signature Campaign for 'White Wagon'
KarşıyakaPeople Started Signature Campaign for 'White Wagon'

Republican People's Party Karşıyaka The District Directorate, the White Wagon used by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on his domestic trips, which was abolished in the last month due to not being affected by adverse weather conditions. Karşıyakalaunched a petition to turn it into a museum.

CHP Karşıyaka District President M. Serdar Koç, in front of the Alsancak Station yesterday regarding the issue, Karşıyaka Mayor Dr. Cemil Tugay held a press release with party leaders and citizens. With the party members, M. Serdar Koç, in order to protect historical values, Beyaz Wagon's; CHP to turn it into a museum and present it to citizens in the best possible way. Karşıyaka He initiated a petition in front of the District Directorate with the slogan "Who Does Not Claim National Values, Cannot Protect His Future" and asked everyone to support this meaningful campaign.

"Those Who Do Not Claim National Values ​​Cannot Protect Their Future"

"We Karşıyaka Ş., we aspire to our historical value, the White Wagon. We inform all Izmir residents that all kinds of maintenance of the White Wagon, of which Mustafa Kemal Atatürk has accumulated so many memories, will be done and that this historical and meaningful task will be fulfilled in the best way with sincere feelings. For the "White Wagon" Karşıyaka Our Mayor, Dr. I also thank Cemil Tugay for their support. CHP with the slogan "Those Who Does Not Protect National Values, Cannot Protect Their Future" Karşıyaka As the District Directorate, we are starting a petition campaign. Our target is two thousand signatures in the beginning. What we want to do; Putting this wagon inside a glass bell jar, putting a screen in front of it, presenting written and visual contents explaining the importance of the wagon to our people and turning this wagon into a sheltered open air museum. KarşıyakaThe White Wagon will look great in front of the historical station station, which is located in the heart of our city. People of Izmir, CHP Karşıyaka I urge you to support the stand we will open in front of the District Directorate. Our city, which has preserved its values ​​and relics until now, will continue to emerge from now on. said.



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