New Roads Opened in Erzurum Breathe the Traffic of the City

New Roads Opened in Erzurum Breathe the Traffic of the City
New Roads Opened in Erzurum Breathe the Traffic of the City

The Metropolitan Municipality continues to build centuries-old roads in Erzurum. The Metropolitan Municipality, which renewed the existing main arteries in the city center by repairing and repairing according to the conditions of the day, also brought many new transportation networks to the city.

While every new road that was put into service significantly reduced the urban traffic load, Erzurum started to top the list of “accessible cities”. From Barış Pınarı Bridge to Airport Road, from City Hospital Road to Kandilli Group Road, from Palandöken Street, Prof. Dr. In Erzurum, where many more transportation networks have been created up to Recep Akdağ Street, residential centers have also started to gain value. Making an assessment on the subject, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen stated that they are building centuries-old roads in Erzurum and said, "We are creating qualified transportation alternatives and adding value to Erzurum with every new transportation network we put into service and renew according to the needs of the day." .


Emphasizing that Erzurum attracts attention with its feature of being a constantly developing and growing city, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen stated that both the population mobility in the city and the constantly increasing number of vehicles make it necessary to create new transportation opportunities. Mayor Sekmen stated that while renewing the existing main arteries in line with their planning, they have brought new transportation networks to Erzurum on the other hand, and that each new transportation network put into service eliminates a great need for the future of the city.


Listing the new roads offered to Erzurum's service one by one, Mayor Sekmen said: “As the Metropolitan Municipality; With the Barış Pınarı Bridge, we first connected Şükrüpaşa to 50. Yıl Caddesi and then to Congress Street. Again, we connected Station Square and Harputkapı with the side connection roads of this bridge. Again, we connected Şükrüpaşa to Erzurum Bus Station and Airport Road. Currently, our road work, which will connect Terminal Street and the aforementioned route, continues. In addition to these, our new transportation network that connects Erzurum City Hospital and Atatürk University campus, is also used by Prof. Dr. It is also connected to Dadaşkent via İhsan Doğramacı Boulevard.


Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen stated that they will bring the city center together with Palandöken with another transportation network project that can be described as “very special” for Erzurum. Expressing that they will eliminate a great need in Erzurum by connecting Ali Ravi Street, popularly known as Yoncalık, to Kayakyolu, Sekmen said, “With this project, we will bring together our Yakutiye, the center of history tourism, with Palandöken, the center of winter tourism. Our new transportation network, which is about to be completed, will also seamlessly connect Yunusemre and Kayakyolu. Thus, the traffic flow from the city center in the direction of Yenişehir Junction will be reduced and transportation will be much easier, ”he said.


On the other hand, Mayor Sekmen underlined that the transportation and road services in Erzurum are not limited to these and said, “We have completed the 50-year-old Kandilli group road in our ancient city, especially the airport road. Congress Boulevard, Palandöken Street, Prof. Dr. "We have brought Recep Akdağ Street, Hınıs-Tekman-Karayazı group roads and many other connection and group roads to a modern location." Stating that statistics and expert opinions reveal that there is a noticeable level of relief in transportation thanks to these roads, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen said, "We will continue to add value to our ancient city with new transportation networks that will meet the needs of Erzurum for many years."

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