New Minibuses with Disabled Ramps Launched in Trabzon


One of the election promises of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu came to life. The first vehicle within the scope of the minibus modernization of Ortahisar has been put into service as of today.

Within the scope of Ortahisar minibus modernization, which was implemented by Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu in order for the people of Trabzon to travel more safely and comfortably, the first vehicle was unveiled at Boztepe minibus stop. The disabled ramp and interior design of the new minibus, which will serve as 12 + 1, were checked by the inspection teams of the Transportation Department. As a result of the controls, the vehicle owner was given a certificate of conformity.

Be good to our people

Making a statement after the inspections made, the Head of Transportation Department Fatih Bayraktar said, “As the Metropolitan Municipality, we have started the transformation process of the minibus in Ortahisar. With the decision we made at UKOME, we postponed the transformation until March 1 due to the pandemic. Until this time, our vehicles will complete the necessary conversions. Currently, a vehicle at Boztepe stop has been made ready. Our teams made the necessary investigations. “Good luck to our people of Trabzon”.


The driver tradesman thanked Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu for the transformation of the minibus and said, “We would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who approved the 12 + 1 system and did not request a seat fee from the bus system. "We will do our best as driver tradesmen so that our people and our disabled citizens can travel more comfortably."


Citizens using the new minibus said, “Our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor said, 'I will not put my citizen on unsafe and old vehicles.' He considered the comfort of the people. We thank him very much for this transformation. The new vehicle is very nice. Now we can travel comfortably. We also thank the driver tradesmen for switching from non-air-conditioned vehicles to air-conditioned and comfortable vehicles ”.

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