Hersek Lagoon Wetland Development Project Committed

Hersek Lagoon Wetland Development Project Committed
Hersek Lagoon Wetland Development Project Committed

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli attended the opening of the Hersek Lagoon Wetland Development Project.

Pakdemirli stated that their main duty as the ministry is to protect the natural beauties and to transfer them to future generations in a balance of use, and in this context, they implemented the Hersek Lagoon Wetland Development Project.

Pakdemirli stated that the By-Law on the Protection of Wetlands entered into force in 2002 and thus achieved legislation for the first time. Within this framework, between the years 2014-2020; He stated that wetlands of 59 national importance and 13 local importance have been declared.

Pakdemirli stated that they are working on wetland management plans and wetland protection zones in order to protect wetlands.

Underlining that the wetland management plan, which was one in 2002, they have put 61 wetland management plans into operation since then, and that they have determined 73 conservation zones, Pakdemirli emphasized that they prepared biodiversity detection projects in wetlands in 2012 areas between 2014-50.


Explaining that they started rehabilitation and restoration projects in wetlands with damaged ecological structure, Pakdemirli said that Avlan Lake, which was re-watered in 2003, was the first rehabilitation project.

Stating that they have made various investments in 49 wetlands so far, Pakdemirli stated that bird watching towers and visitor centers are some of them.

Stating that they launched the national wetland inventory management information system SAYBİS at the beginning of 2019, Pakdemirli said:

“SAYBİS, our eyes and ears in wetlands… Thanks to SAYBİS, we can learn the boundaries of the wetland, the possibility of viewing and questioning the wetland.

For the last 18 years, we have protected and protected all our wetlands with both physical and digital means. Now we bring together the abundance of water and the beauties of nature with our people, and continue on our way with new plans.

Of course, we make a great effort with all my colleagues to make our plans accessible to all segments of society. Especially in recent years, the issue we attach importance to is that disabled and elderly citizens can access these natural beauties and visit these areas comfortably. "


Underlining that they transformed the Hersek Lagoon into an exemplary wetland in this sense, Pakdemirli said, “Because the Hersek Lagoon is among the most valuable natural beauties of our country. It is one of the richest areas of our country in terms of bird diversity. I even want to express that; 481 of 224 different bird species registered in our country are in Herzegovina Lagoon! That is almost half the bird species in Turkey, the bird of paradise we are in at the moment! " he spoke.

In 2016, the lagoons and Herzegovina expressed their registered as having local significance wetlands Pakdemirli, "So we have had in Turkey's first accessible Bird Sanctuary Project to life. There is another point that I will remind you very importantly here: As a historical expression of our President and our Ministry's respect for nature, we changed the route of the Osmangazi Bridge for an enormous bird paradise like the Hersek Lagoon. Our love of nature cannot be questioned. Our love for green and respect for animals cannot be measured by any scale. " said.

Stating that they put forward this project as an expression of respect for nature and admiration for birds, Pakdemirli said, “With this project, we are offering a larger living space for the shelter and feeding of many species, especially our water birds. In addition, we aim to introduce the richness and diversity of birds in the Hersek Lagoon with the project. We enable visitors to observe without harming the wetland habitat. " He used his expressions.


Explaining that the project started in 2018 and its cost reached 10 million 700 thousand liras, Pakdemirli said:

"In project scope; As of 7 floors and a lift, which we brought to our Turkey's first bird observation tower accessible country consisting of 21 meters in height. From bird watching towers to visual greenhouses, from R&D building to botanical restaurant, we built facilities worthy of bird paradise in Hersek Lagoon.

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