Ski Resorts Açılmayın pandemic in Europe, the Turkey Point-of Route

Ski Resorts Açılmayın pandemic in Europe, the Turkey Point-of Route
Ski Resorts Açılmayın pandemic in Europe, the Turkey Point-of Route

Although the pandemic has many negative effects, it can also have unexpected positive effects. The boom of ski tourism reservations in Erciyes this year is one of them. This year is to be open to many ski resorts in Europe, quarantine requirements, Russian and this year, the Ukrainian government not only for reasons such as to allow travel attractions in Turkey, winter tourism centers in Turkey, especially off Erciyes forefront with its proximity to Cappadocia .

Erciyes stands out among other ski resorts, as there are no other ski centers in the world that offer the option of flying with balloons one day, cultural tourism or skiing the next day. Another reason why Erciyes stands out is that it is very easy to access. Since there are 14 flights from Istanbul every day, it is much easier to reach Kayseri by air from all over the world. Transportation is extremely convenient, as the airport is only half an hour away from the ski center and has the widest ski resort road in the world.

Due to these advantages, the biggest tour operators of Ukraine and Russia have their eyes set on Kayseri this year. The interest in Kayseri, where four different operators directly charter, is more than ever.

Demand will not shrink during the ski season, but will increase

Menderes Karak Küçük, General Manager of Radisson Blu Hotel Kayseri, which is the locomotive hotel of ski tourism and the city, emphasized that skiing is not a sport branch that will increase the risk of the spread of the pandemic due to the nature of skiing and said, “Skiing is a sport where the risk of contamination is minimal. First of all, in skiing, a distance that is many times greater than the social distance is required to reduce the risk of accidents among athletes. For this reason, we do not think that demand will shrink during the ski season. This year, we expect our hotel to have high occupancy during the ski season. As in previous years, this year's first place in Ukraine, we aim to welcome our guests from Russia and Turkey, "he said.

People love to travel, virtual options don't stand a chance

Evaluating the pandemic process and travel habits, General Manager Menderes Karak Küçük said:

“There have been some temporary changes in people's travel habits due to the pandemic. However, we have seen that the post-pandemic world will not be much different than before. People love to travel and, contrary to popular belief, virtual options have no chance. This year, tourism has entered a temporary slowdown. Of course, travel habits also started to show some temporary symptoms due to the uncertainties brought by the pandemic. The most important indication of this is that they now make reservations as last minute as possible and also do not rely on cheaper non-refundable options. Also, it is not possible to compare last year with this year. Last year, ski sales started in April. "This year started late and we observe that it will increase as the dates approach".

Our guests stay safely

Explaining that they hosted their guests throughout the year as a hotel, General Manager Menderes Karak Küçük said:

“The hygiene standards of our hotel were already very high and we pay close attention to hygiene standards during the pandemic period. Our hotel fully complies with all the measures stipulated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and our laws. We have all kinds of certificates. "Our guests continue to stay at our hotel safely throughout the year."


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