Equipping Cars With Lithium-Ion Batteries In The First Russian Electric Car Race

Equipping Cars With Lithium-Ion Batteries In The First Russian Electric Car Race
Equipping Cars With Lithium-Ion Batteries In The First Russian Electric Car Race

RENERA Ltd., the energy storage systems industry integrator of the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom. Şti. (subsidiary of the fuel company TVEL) organized Russia's first electric Go-kart race.

The MINI class race cars participating in the event were equipped with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries produced by Rosatom. These races, attended by children aged 9-11, were organized by KAGK Academy Automotorsport F7 and Rosatom in St. It was held at the Izhorets karting field in the Kolpinsky district of St. Petersburg.

Ten 10 kW electric Go-kart vehicles equipped with RENERA batteries participated in the competition. Karting vehicles stand out as more dynamic and more maneuverable vehicles on the racetrack compared to petrol cars. Unlike petrol cars, electric karting vehicles also have no exhaust. This feature is especially important for indoor karting fields. While solving the problem of air pollution that may occur due to exhaust gas, young athletes are prevented from being disturbed by this gas. The transition to electric vehicles creates new opportunities for both rental carting vehicles and professional teams.

RENERA batteries have been developed with a capacity of 40 Ah (ampere-hour). Thanks to these batteries, karting vehicles can run in racing mode for at least 20 minutes. In addition, these batteries are fully charged within two hours. If necessary, it is also possible to quickly replace the discharged battery with a charged battery. Thanks to this fast process, the go-kart vehicle can easily continue the race.

Emin Askerov, Managing Director of RENERA Ltd Şti, made the following statement on the subject: “The emergence of such equipment made in Russia was possible thanks to the rapid development of energy storage systems. Today's race showed great potential to develop an eco-friendly sport whose popularity is gaining momentum. We believe that RENERA energy storage devices have great potential to be implemented not only in carting but also in other types of electric transport. "

Lithium-ion batteries are offered as the most suitable solution for energy storage, both technically and economically. These waterproof batteries do not require special rooms for maintenance and charging. The high energy density of lithium-ion batteries, which have a very long life, also makes them light and compact. Similar to RENERA batteries, produced in accordance with high safety standards, are used in electric passenger vehicles and electric vehicles of the world's largest manufacturers.


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