Istanbulkart can be easily loaded with Masterpass

Istanbulkart can be easily loaded with Masterpass
Istanbulkart can be easily loaded with Masterpass

BELBİM AŞ, an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and Mastercard, the leading company in payment technologies, came together to make life easier for Istanbulites. Thanks to the cooperation, Istanbulkart balances can be filled quickly and securely via the mobile application with one click.

BELBIM, one of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, cooperated with Mastercard, the leading company in payment technologies, to make life easier for Istanbulites. With the cooperation between the two companies, Mastercard's online contactless payment solution Masterpass has been integrated into BELBIM's 'Istanbulkart Mobile' application. In this way, 15 million citizens using public transportation every day in Istanbul will be able to load with one click with their bank or credit cards registered to Masterpass via the 'Istanbulkart Mobile' application developed by BELBİM. Thus, the trouble of re-entering bank card or credit card information during each upload will be avoided. The process will also offer different gift and discount payment options to citizens who use this payment management, from subscription loading to routine Istanbulkart TL loading.

"Our aim is to earn income for all Istanbulkart residents"

Providing information on the subject, BELBİM General Manager Yücel Karadeniz said:

"Geographical, historical and cultural wealth of the world with one of the most important metropolises of Istanbul, Turkey's largest and most crowded stands out as the city. about 4 in every 1 people live in Istanbul in Turkey. BELBİM is a technology visionary that has been developing solutions that will make life easier for Istanbulites for 33 years. With our digitalization vision and financial technology, we carry Istanbulkart to the future with the aim of making life easier for Istanbulites. Finally, we have integrated Masterpass card storage service into our 'Istanbulkart Mobile' application for accessible and practical loading operations. Our goal is to earn all Istanbulkart users while they spend with their cards and when loading their cards. With this collaboration with Mastercard, we are happy to offer a fast, comfortable and practical transaction infrastructure.

Mastercard Turkey and Azerbaijan, the Director General Yigit waterfall "as Mastercard, every moment of life of citizens, the payment step we are trying to perform in the safest quickly and easily. A previous study revealed that faster and easier solutions were required in the card loading step. Thanks to our cooperation with BELBIM, both the loading time of Istanbulkart will be shortened and the 'insufficient balance' sound that the citizens do not like to hear when they get on the vehicle will be eliminated.



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