9 Million People Prefer Airlines In September

9 Million People Prefer Airlines In September
9 Million People Prefer Airlines In September

While the total aircraft traffic on domestic and international lines in September was 112 thousand 832, the total passenger traffic at the airports in the first 2020 months of 9 was 61 million 764 thousand 733. Passenger traffic, which was 3 million 810 thousand 11 in domestic flights in August, increased by 13,5% to 4 million 325 thousand 265 in September.

While passenger mobility continues in tourism centers, Antalya stands out as the airport that receives the most passengers among the touristic centers.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Turkey, General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ) announced the airline plane, passenger and freight statistics for September 2020. While the negative effects of the COVID-19 epidemic caused stagnation in the aviation industry all over the world, thanks to the steps and measures taken by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, passenger mobility was experienced at the expected level in domestic and international lines. Passengers continue to travel safely at airports where physical conditions are regulated according to social distance and disinfection processes are applied continuously.

In September 2020; While the total flight traffic on domestic and international flights was 112, 832 million 9 thousand 474 people traveled safely in the month in question. All the aviation sector in the world, while in stagnation and recession, which is 204 thousand 32 in late August we outline in Turkey increased by 041% was seen that the air traffic amounted to 1,4 thousand 32. The number of passengers, which was 497 million 3 thousand 810 in August, increased by 11% in September and reached 13,5 million 4 thousand 325.

Airport freight (cargo, mail and baggage) traffic; In September, 56 thousand 585 tons on domestic lines and 187 thousand 439 tons on international lines totaled 244 thousand 024 tons. In the first 9 months of the year, cargo (cargo, mail and baggage) traffic in airports; 358 thousand 512 tons on domestic lines and 1 million 360 thousand 225 tons on international lines totaled 1.718.737 tons.

In the first 2020 months of 9, a total of 785 thousand 240 aircraft were served at airports, while domestic passenger traffic at airports was 37 million 416 thousand 797 and international passenger traffic was 24 million 304 thousand 493, with direct transit passengers, total passenger traffic was 61 million 764 thousand. Amounted to 733.

Dynamism continued in tourism centers, Antalya Airport ranked first

because the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure airports epidemic in the direction towards the implementation of measures and airport certification at the highest level at each point taking the necessary measures from the hotel, tourism activity has continued in Turkey. According to the first nine months data; The number of passengers receiving service from the airports in our tourism centers exceeded 14 million.

At these airports, a total of 7 million 352 thousand 034 passengers were served, 6 million 710 thousand 587 on domestic lines and 14 million 62 thousand 621 on international flights. During the period in question, a total of 70 thousand 715 aircraft traffic was realized, of which 48 thousand 418 on domestic lines and 119 thousand 133 on international flights.

Serving 9 million 2 thousand 380 passengers in total, including 964 million 4 thousand 751 on domestic flights and 599 million 7 thousand 132 on international flights in the first 563 months, Antalya Airport ranked first in this field.

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