540-Year-Old Painting of Fatih Sultan Mehmed Opened to Visitors

540-Year-Old Painting of Fatih Sultan Mehmed Opened to Visitors
540-Year-Old Painting of Fatih Sultan Mehmed Opened to Visitors

The 540-year-old Fatih Sultan Mehmed painting, which IMM brought to the city, was opened to visitors. "Fatih's RönesansThe work brought together with the Istanbulites under the theme “ı” and the exhibition, which also includes three different coins, was welcomed by those who came to Saraçhane. The painting, which will be shown for two months, will be taken to the private warehouse after the exhibition period and will be rested until the day it is opened to visitors again.

The Fatih Sultan Mehmed painting purchased by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) at the auction held in London was opened to visitors from all over the country and the people of Istanbul. RönesansThose who came to see the work that came out of the workshop of Gentile Bellini, one of the most important painters of Turkey, followed the portrait and the exhibited coins with interest and took photos.


Fatih's RönesansÖmer Albaş, who came to see the painting, said that he sees bringing the painting to Istanbul as a very important step both historically and culturally. Albaş said, “IMM and Mayor İmamoğlu behaved well to them. I thank him. Istanbul and its inhabitants need this. It is our greatest wish that it continues in this way ”.

Stating that it was exciting to look at the painting Fatih Sultan Mehmed looked at, Münevver Üstündağ said, “It is a great job. It is very important to protect our history. President İmamoğlu also achieved this. Spend money on these jobs instead of jobs like Kanal Istanbul. Today is a really special day. I wholeheartedly congratulate him for opening the painting to the public in the liberation of Istanbul ”.

Stating that he is interested in history and came to the exhibition with intense emotions, Hatice Opak Bilgin said, “The painting was brought from distant lands with great effort. It found its place. I hope it will have many visitors, ”he said.

Galip Şen, one of the visitors of the exhibition on the first day, shared that he was looking forward to the opening day and wanted to come and see it on the first day.

An Istanbulite who came to see the portrait and prayed to the spirit of Fatih Sultan Mehmed during the visit, also used the following statements:

“IBB President, for bringing the painting of Fatih, who conquered Istanbul, the most beautiful city in the world, heralded by our Prophet, to the city. Ekrem İmamoğluI offer my respect and greetings to you.”


IMM made arrangements to make the area where the painting opened to visit will be seen suitable for the exhibition. The hall, which was designed as an exhibition hall at the time of its construction, was re-made suitable for this function. A new wall and flooring system was created with light wooden elements standing with its own internal carcass, without touching the existing walls and floors of the building. With the new exhibition surfaces created, it was aimed to enrich the experience of the audience while meeting with the work.

Studies for the display of the painting, Prof. Dr. It was curated by Nurhan Atasoy. In today's thinking environment, documentaries were prepared by recording the opinions of experts in the field of the work and the 540-year adventure of the painting was examined.

Along with the painting, there are also three separate coins from the period in the exhibition. The first gold coin minted by Mehmed the Conqueror in Istanbul in 1476, the coin issued by Cem Sultan during the short 22-day throne period, and the Ottoman "sahh" stamped Venetian coin will also be open to visitors for two months.


By taking the necessary measures for the exhibition of an Istanbul piece that has witnessed its age, IMM created a fully-secured, air-conditioned specially protected storage area. In the storage area, which is constructed as a steel construction, with an airtight and private security door, the necessary air conditioning and moisture balancing system was created in order to rest the work under suitable conditions. In addition, a special gas fire extinguishing system was built to ensure the full safety of the work. This warehouse was also organized as a workshop for the maintenance and conservation of the work.

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