YHT Line Turns Osmaneli into an Investment Center

YHT Line Turns Osmaneli into an Investment Center
YHT Line Turns Osmaneli into an Investment Center

Osmaneli Mayor Münür Şahin said that 3 companies bought an industrial parcel of 2 square meters this week and said, “YHT line, which will extend to Bandırma after Osmaneli-Yenişehir-Bursa-Gemlik and Izmir in the future, is an important investment center to be preferred by investors. ”he said.

Intense demand from industrialists continues to Osmaneli district. Three companies took part in this week on 2.500.000 m2 industrial parcels. Today, Işıklar Testere San.Tic.Ltd.Şti, which has an industrial parcel of 6.037 m2 from Selimiye Industrial Parcels. He applied to the Municipality of Osmaneli and received the zoning status.

It was welcomed that the company operating in Istanbul Cekmeköy preferred Osmaneli district for investment. Işıklar Testere, owned by the brothers Aydın Işık, Furkan Işık and Hüseyin Işık, will build a closed area of ​​5.000 m2. The new company, which will also employ female workers, will produce quality products and products such as knives, saws, steel cutting tools.

Işıklar Testere Sanayi is one of the oldest companies serving its country in the production of construction auxiliary hand tools. In order to ensure customer satisfaction and continuity since 1967, the company has always kept open and developed all kinds of innovations, without prejudice to the right to change the product range and equipment within its field of activity.

Maintaining leadership in the research and development of the sector in the fields of manufacturing and marketing is the main principle of the company. Işıklar Testere Sanayi has approached its customers with an understanding of quality in the product in order to maintain their trust in its brand for years.

The steel raw materials of the products were produced in high norms in Europe's distinguished factories, especially in Germany, and processed in automatic machines in its facility located in Istanbul Çekmeköy and presented to your customers. Saying quality at every stage of its production, Işıklar Testere Sanayi is good for Osmaneli.

Osmaneli will make a great contribution to the development of the company in terms of logistics and especially to the sales due to its access to the YHT line directly to the Gemlik port ”. Chairman Münür Şahin said, “In recent weeks, our industrial parcels have increased in demand. "The YHT Line, which will extend to Osmaneli-Yenişehir-Bursa-Gemlik and later to Bandırma and in the future to Izmir, has made Osmaneli an important investment center to be preferred by investors."


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