What is Google Adsense? What are the reasons for Google Adsense Ban?

What is Google Adsense? What are the reasons for Google Adsense Ban?
What is Google Adsense? What are the reasons for Google Adsense Ban?

Adsense is the advertising service that is the best and solid source of income for all webmasters in the world. Thanks to Google Adsense, webmasters add ads to their sites in accordance with the designs on their sites, so as not to tire the user or force them to click incorrectly, and a predetermined fee per ad clicks made by real users who come to the site. kazanir. Adsense first examines the site you are going to advertise to the finest detail, and spamming, warez sites can never get approval. Maybe even if you are accepted with "Ali Cengiz games", your account may be banned due to the content on your site or your site structure, due to the checks made at the time of payment.

Make a lot of money from their site using Google Adsense kazanIf you are planning to be one of them, first of all, Google, which has a billion-dollar budget and includes the best software engineers of the internet world you are in, is to learn to behave honestly and correctly. Otherwise, your Adsense account will be closed and the amount of money accumulated in your account so far as stated in the Adsense user agreement. kazanYou can't take your cronies. When you identify abnormal increases in change ad posts, clicks, it will definitely be to your advantage to inform Google about these situations.

The amount of clicks when you are banned from your account due to a mistake you have made. kazanAll the money you spend cancels out, which of course is Google's high-quality company policy because kazanEvaluating the possibility of a problem in all spent money, Google is here on the side of the advertisers, that is, customer satisfaction is important.

My Account Has Been Suspended What Should I Do?

When there is a problem on your advertising sites, you will be penalized in two ways. 1. Your account will be banned directly or the domain you are broadcasting on can be banned in both ways. For the first reason, when your account is banned, first arrange the design on your site and your ad placement within this design and check your content structure from top to bottom, at this point it is very difficult to return. It is a bit easier to overcome this problem when you ban it for the second reason.If there is a problem that cannot be edited on your site, remove the ads directly and delete the domain or make the edits in the error message you receive and apply with the same site again. However, even if you follow the points I mentioned above Google Adsense BAN reserves the right to open it. So even if you fix everything, there is no rule that your account will be opened. So what should we do? Either eliminate the reasons that will cause our account to be banned, or strictly obey the items listed below in order not to do anything to cause it.

Let's come to the most used advertising network, Google Adsense ban the reasons;

  • Never click on your own ad that you have placed in accordance with your site design and try not to use two Adsense ad units of the same size in a page.
  • Any attempt that may cause an abnormal increase in the hits of the site you own will be considered as a rule violation and is a reason for ban.
  • Do not use your Google Adsense codes as frame pages.
  • Publish your ads on pop-up pages on your site.
  • If you have two Adsense accounts with the same address and credentials.
  • Having spammy content in your articles that you publish on your site, that is, empty key content, content consisting only of keywords.
  • Your site may be within the framework of a well-known subject and if you use keywords that are unrelated to your site in this context, this will be a reason for ban.
  • To attract non-organic users to the website or page where the ads are published with the help of various bots.
  • Posting your ads on sites not supported by Adsense policies, such as domain name purchasing sites.
  • You can post a maximum of 3 visual content and 3 text content ads on a page. The situations that exceed this are the reason for ban.
  • Adding ads to non-content-based redirect-only pages
  • To contain advertisements in the content of e-mails sent through paid or free e-mail services.
  • Using commands that allow Google Adsense ads to be opened in a new page or new tab called _blank.
  • Making changes on the ad codes given to you on the Adsense official site.
  • Promoting autohit, automatic hit provider programs and-or scripts on the site where the adsense ad is located, and placing download links
  • Clicking on your ads by using software such as Cron that automatically refreshes and clicks on the ads on your auto-programmed site.
  • Clicking on your own ads using different threads from your computer, such as VPN or Proxy.
  • Putting adsense ads on websites with copyright infringing content that Google cares so much about
  • Compelling, incentive software and coding to help organic visitors to your site click on your ads
  • Sudden and disproportionate increases in your ad clicks associated with more or less hits.
  • Multiple ad clicks on a computer or ip.
  • Publishing content-based ads that may advertise other companies' Google policies on your pages where you publish Google ads.
  • Posting adsense advertisements on sites containing swearing, illegal content, violence, directing to suicide, supporting bad habits, excessive advertising, selling weapons or selling alcoholic beverages, selling tobacco products, selling drugs.
  • Publishing your ads on empty or almost non-existent sites, that is, sites made only for advertising.
  • Broadcasting using ad codes belonging to more than one person on the same site or page
  • Let's say you have a blog site, and hit a Turkish general will naturally be originating from Turkey. If there is excessive traffic to your site from the USA or China, that is, the user comes to this ban.

In addition, Google Adsense recommends that you stay away from the types of content and links that I will now list on your sites where you run Google ads.

  • Posting nude or pornographic images or videos, adult content
  • Racist and propaganda against the organization or person
  • Sales of alcohol and beverages
  • Sale of firearms, combat knives, firearm parts, electric shock weapons or ammunition
  • Violent video and image sharing
  • Content related to programs where users are paid to click on ads or offers, search, browse websites, or read e-mails
  • Sale of contract, counterfeit, sub-industry products, that is, copies of famous brands
  • Sale of student assignments or thesis
  • Slot games or casino related content
  • Content about drugs and drug use vehicles
  • Contain slang, insulting and swearing expressions
  • Drug sale sites content
  • Content related to pirated program broadcasting such as warez, crack, serial
  • Sale of tobacco or tobacco related products

So far, most of my webmaster friends, including me, have shared with you the items that will tend to be banned, which we frequently encounter, and as long as you stay away from the content I give, it is solid. kazanYou will continue to gain benefits.

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