TURKSAT 5A was Broadcast Live for the First Time to the World

TURKSAT 5A was Broadcast Live for the First Time to the World
TURKSAT 5A was Broadcast Live for the First Time to the World

Those who followed the GlobalSAT Show, held with the support of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, witnessed a historic moment. Turkey's Turksat 5A satellite will soon be sent into space for the first time was shown all over the world live.

TURKSAT Vice President Hasan Hüseyin Ertok, Airbus Defense and Space Division Telecom Satellites Space Systems Vice President François Gaullier and SpaceX Commercial Launching Chief Director Stephanie at the event held on the second day of GlobalSAT Show, one of the most important satellite and space fairs, with the title "TURKSAT 5A and its Opportunities" Bednarek attended.

At the event attended by Airbus, the producer of TURKSAT 5A, and SpaceX representatives, which are its space senders, the TURKSAT 5A, which is waiting to launch into space at the Airbus Defense and Space Department, was shown live for the first time in the world for the GlobalSAT Show audience.


Glavkosmos CEO Dmitry Loskutov, one of the main speakers of the event, talked about some new options for prospective space travelers, the future of the Russian national space program and opportunities for international cooperation in space exploration.

In the meeting titled "The Best Discipline for Producing Satellite", Lockheed Martin Vice President Mesut Çiçeker and TÜBİTAK Vice President Mesut Gökten talked about satellite production.

T3 Foundation Board Member Alper Fine, teknofest which will be held in Turkey's largest event gave information about Satellite Model Contest. Çağla Ayça Dursun, the captain of the Grizu-263 team, who was the second in the world in the previous model satellite competitions and is soon preparing to send its satellite to space, and the team captain of the national observation satellite RASAT, Sedat Taha Şener, also participated.

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