From MTSO a first in Turkey: SME Industrial Design and Consulting Center

From MTSO a first in Turkey: SME Industrial Design and Consulting Center
From MTSO a first in Turkey: SME Industrial Design and Consulting Center

The countdown has begun for the Industrial Design and SME Consultancy Center, coordinated by Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO). Turkey will carry a first of its kind, self design may be referred to as self produced 'FAB-LAB' the construction of the center will have the infrastructure in the completion stage.

Ayhan Kızıltan, Chairman of the Board of MTSO, explained the ongoing projects within the Chamber at the press conference. Parliament Speaker Hamit Izol, Deputy Chairmen of the Board of Directors Hakan Sefa Çakır and Ali Fuad Budur, Treasurer Member Cem Bucuge and Board Members Yasemin Taş and İsa Çani also attended the meeting and gave information about the work they followed. Kızıltan started his words by emphasizing that the epidemic is spreading gradually and reminding that mask - distance - hygiene measures must be followed, and then touched on the works they carried out in order to overcome the disruptions in the urban economy in this process.

"We diversify our services to industrialists"

Considering the electricity consumption figures in Mersin, it is seen that the industry and production do not stop even during this difficult period, President Kızıltan stated that the services provided to the industrialists will be diversified as the Chamber in the coming period. Stating that they are about to implement the Industrial Design and SME Consultancy Center and the Investment Support Office Project at this point, Kızıltan said, “The construction of the area on the ground floor of our room that we will use for this project is finished and the interior furnishing continues. We will start to serve as soon as possible ”. Kızıltan explained the services to be provided in this center as follows: “Design services will be provided with catia and solid software needed by the industrialist within the center. Our expert who knows this software will work and hands-on training will be given to the companies in need. With the Ansys program, simulation service will be provided for pre-investment factory simulation or for examining production processes. In this way, factories will be able to see their processes from simulation before installation and determine the places they need to intervene in advance. "

"FAB-LAB infrastructure will be the first in Turkey"

Stating that another important feature of the center will be reverse engineering, Kızıltan said that this technology can be used when it is desired to make changes to any existing product or to develop a sample taken from abroad. for the first time in the FAB-LAB produce self designed infrastructure can be defined as self register will be established in Turkey in the Central Kızıltan, whereby high katmadeğer told new products will be allowed to be produced. He stated that in the center, where the consultants, mentors and twinning studies needed by the industrialists will also be carried out, an export support office will be established within the scope of the center to develop commercial cooperation of SMEs in the international arena, and will carry out work by actually taking part in the field.

"Integrated serving first and only center in Turkey"

Industrial design, SME consultancy alongside investment support and guidance offices of these will be established in the center and providing integrated services that emphasize first and will be the only center in Turkey Kızıltan, said that investment support office with the city of investor withdrawal and aim to promote the region to investors coming to the city. Kızıltan explained that the member who wishes can take advantage of the common working areas to be included in the center and carry out the business follow-up processes in the presence of the Chamber, and that through this center, ideas can meet with angel investors, Vocational Competence Certificate services, activities such as training, seminars and conferences within the center.

Again, in order to serve the industrialists better, he was the founding dean of the Engineering Faculties of Mersin and Toros Universities and has experience in the chamber, academy and field. Dr. Stating that they started to work with Yusuf Zeren, Kızıltan said, "I believe our experienced brother will provide great support with his experiences."

"Everyone is waiting for the Çukurova Airport to be completed in a moment"

MTSO, Mersin Chamber of Shipping and Mersin Commodity Exchange came together as the presidents and stated that they held a meeting about the priorities of Mersin in investments, and said that they made the order of the ongoing and planned investments in Mersin. Pointing out that Çukurova Regional Airport comes first, Kızıltan said, “Many chambers, municipalities, NGOs and business people in Mersin are waiting for the airport to be finished as soon as possible. The sooner the airport is completed, both Mersin and Adana will have great dynamism. In every sector, investors will attack Mersin, ”he said.

Kızıltan pointed out that the second important investment is the Container Port, where discussions are made whether to make it in Mersin or not, and that they are following this investment as a priority. Emphasizing that it is being understood more and more every day how essential the Çeşmeli-Taşucu Highway Project is for Mersin, Kızıltan stated that they learned that the project will be tendered in the coming months. Noting that the Tarsus-Kazanlı Tourism Region Project, for which the allocations have been made, should not remain in drag anymore, Kızıltan said, “The investors here are also waiting for the airport. Fifth place is the Logistics Center. Mersin is a world-class logistics city. When the Çukurova Regional Airport is finished, our diversity in logistics will increase, both in the air and in the water. For this, a very large, worldwide logistics center must be built, ”he said.

"We will prepare an inventory of treasury lands"

Reminding that investment land is needed for Mersin industrialists to work in more comfortable conditions and projects to come to life, Kızıltan said that they are working on the rapid evacuation of the idle treasury lands and allocation of them to the investments in Mersin. Stating that they will prepare an inventory of treasury lands and go over this issue, Kızıltan said that industrial sites are needed and existing industrial sites remain in the city. Noting that they also met with the Metropolitan Municipality, Kızıltan stated that the work to set up a new industrial site in Mezitli has started and that it will be operational in a short time.

Kızıltan also said that positive discrimination in incentives for the agro-food sector, eliminating the negative effects of the project of establishing a polypropylene facility on the container port project, Coastal Line and Coastal Plan, Fishing Port, SEKA Port, Tasucu Port, Pamukluk Dam, Completion of the Coastal Road for a moment. He added that they will follow the issues such as rehabilitation, OIZ highway connection and city center rehabilitation.

"One out of every 5 young people in our region is unemployed"

Evaluating the economic data of Mersin in the first 7 months of the year, President Kızıltan emphasized especially young unemployment. Noting that one out of every 5 young people in the region is unemployed and the concept of home youth has started to emerge, Kızıltan said: “We have young people who have received a good education but still cannot live and work with their families and make a living through their families. We are increasing our cooperation with our universities in order to find solutions to this problem. Work continues on a project developed by Mersin University and supported by us. Accordingly, the course will be taught at the university referred to by the names of the key enterprises in Turkey. The CEOs and managers of that business will come to share their experiences and give lessons. Young people will be prepared for business life in this way. A project we care about. Another one is the project prepared for foreign students. It will be ensured that foreign students studying in Mersin will be combined with businesses and these students will be able to export to their own countries. "

"Import and export balanced each other"

Kızıltan evaluated the economic data of the city for 7 months at the end of the meeting. Accordingly, Kızıltan stated that in the first 7 months of the year, exports increased by 2 percent on an annual basis and reached 1,7 billion dollars and said, “In the same period, imports reached 10 billion dollars with an increase of 1,7 percent. Thus, our import and export figures have been equalized in Mersin, which has had a foreign trade surplus so far ”. Noting that the freight traffic handled in the city on the basis of port presidencies in the January-August period reached 9 million tons with an increase of 28 percent, Kızıltan said that commercial activities in the Free Zone have also recovered since the second half of the year. Emphasizing that the energy consumption figures in the industry are promising, Kızıltan said, “While the energy consumption in industry increased by 34 percent in the January - June period, consumption in the businesses decreased by 16 percent. In June, there was a recovery in energy consumption in both sectors ”. Stating that the number of companies and cooperatives established in January July increased by 27 percent and the number of real person enterprises increased by 48 percent, Kızıltan said that in the last 8 months, housing sales increased by 56 percent to 30 thousand 602, and automobile sales increased by 7 percent in the first 42 months to 10 thousand 617. reported that he had risen to.

Zeren: "I do not want to keep my knowledge to myself"

Stating that he does not want to keep himself the 50 years of knowledge he has acquired in university life and that he wants to help industrialists in the areas they need with the support of the chamber managers, Prof. Dr. Yusuf Zeren said he would do his best in this regard.

Taş: "The subject we focus on the most is geriatrics."

Member of the Board of Directors Yasemin Taş gave information about the Health Village Project, which she followed on behalf of the Chamber. Stating that a feasibility tender has been held for the project they have been working on for about 2 years, Taş said, "We will complete the feasibility study with the Çukurova Development Agency and present it to the investor." Noting that Mersin has a serious potential in terms of health tourism, Taş said, “The project will consist of 5 stages. It will include many areas of health tourism, but the subject we focus on the most is geriatrics. To summarize, it will be a great project that will take the health sector to a different dimension ”.

Bucuge: "Development starts from the village"

Board Treasurer Cem Bucuge gave information about the Village Project. That starts from the village's development, it also years ago Gazi Mustafa Kemal stating that demonstrated by the project executed by Ataturk said Bucug the following: "20 years ago people living in the village have returned contrary accounted for 70 percent of Turkey's population. Schools in the villages started to be closed and bussed education started. The real problem was the collapse of the social life there. Today, even workers cannot be found to work in investments made in those regions. Upon this, we considered what we could do, examined the Village Institutes, and saw that the solution was without strengthening social life. We started a pilot project in Atlılar Village. We rented a 22 decare land from the Regional Directorate of Forestry for the use of the village people. Here, besides the football field, sports facilities, platforms will be created to load the products produced by the village, especially cherries, to the trucks. This work needs to be approved by 14 boards. It's been 13, we are waiting for the last board. At the same time, we took the usage area of ​​an abandoned village school in the village with the negotiations we made with the Provincial Directorate of National Education. Women and young people will be trained here. Then, social projects such as cooperatives, canning, mother-child health and hygiene will be carried out. Whether it is the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture or the Municipalities, they all welcomed the project and are with us. Before winter, we will complete the renovation of the school and, as of next year, we will realize our social and economic project in Atlılar Village. We think that this project will be an example for other villages afterwards. "

Çakır: "Bureaucracy should work faster"

Hakan Sefa Çakır, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, gave information about the latest status of the Agricultural Technopark Project, of which he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Stating that they had an approval from the Ministry of Industry and Technology to be able to bid for the tender, Çakır said that they will come to the tender stage for the first stage with the arrival of the article. Noting that they are aiming to bid for the tender in October, Çakır said, “We say everything is complete, there are small problems and the process is prolonged. Our bureaucratic process lazımmı unfortunately not be solved quickly or problems with Agropark Agriculture will be a first in Turkey is progressing very slowly, "he said.

Izol: "A project that will determine the future of Mersin tourism"

Providing information about the investment project carried out in the Kargıcık Tourism Region before the pandemic, Parliament Speaker Hamit İzol said: “We will establish Tourism Inc. is a project that will pave the way for urban tourism. Governorship, Metropolitan Municipality, District Municipalities, Mersin Chamber of Shipping, Adana's Chambers of Industry and Commerce, and our district Chambers of Commerce are also in the study. It is also a project where we act with business people who want to be involved in Mersin. We run it under the auspices of Lütfi Elvan, President of the Plan and Budget Committee. If we had not experienced the pandemic process, the company would have been established. "

Stating that a larger tourism investment is planned than Antalya, Izol said, “There is no facility of this size in Antalya. We want our business people from Mersin to be more involved in this company. This company is important for determining the future of Mersin tourism rather than making a profit ”.

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