Turkish Foundation Calligraphy Museum

Turkish Foundation Calligraphy Museum
Turkish Foundation Calligraphy Museum

The Turkish Foundation Calligraphy Museum is a calligraphy museum located in Istanbul Beyazıt Square, affiliated to the General Directorate of Foundations.

It is inside the madrasa building that belongs to the Bayezid Mosque complex. Lines and equipment related to lines from various places are exhibited. It entered service in 1984. It is closed to visitors today due to restoration.

Mustafa Dede, III in chronological order in the museum. Murad, Hâfız Osman, Yedikuleli Seyyid Abdullah, III. Ahmed, Kâtibzâde Mehmed Refî, Mahmud Celâleddin, II. Mahmud, Sultan Abdülmecid, Râkim Efendi, Ali Haydar Bey, Vahdetî Efendi, Kazasker Mustafa İzzet Efendi, Mehmed Sefik Bey, Mevlevi Zeki Dede, Mehmed Izzet Efendi, Sâmi Efendi, II. The works of calligraphy masters such as Abdülhamid, Hasan Rıza, Mehmed Nuri, Kamil Akdik, Necmeddin Okyay and Hamit Aytaç are exhibited.

The classroom part of the madrasa is organized as the "Sacred Relics" section; In the middle is the cover of the Kaaba door dated 1884. The most valuable pieces in this section are the soil taken from the grave of the prophet in a bottle with a beard. There are also miniatures depicting Mecca, Medina, Mina and Muzdalifah.

There are stone inscriptions signed by Ali, Sâmi Efendi and Mustafa İzzet in the courtyard of the madrasa.

There are two sundials made by Ahmet Ziya Bey in the garden of the museum.

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