Turkey Cooperatives Fair Opens Its Doors on September 24

Turkey Cooperatives Fair Opens Its Doors on September 24
Turkey Cooperatives Fair Opens Its Doors on September 24

Ministry of Commerce held "Turkey Cooperative Fair", 24-27 September 2020 between the ATO will be opened to visitors in Congresium with strict measures to coronavirus.

This year the fair will be held fourth, over 150 cooperatives have gained success in the field from all regions of Turkey, will bring together all stakeholders in the sector and with other visitors. Cooperatives of the year awards in various categories will be presented at the opening ceremony of the fair, which will be attended by Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan.

In addition to cooperatives, public institutions and organizations related to cooperatives, banks that support cooperatives, representatives of the retail sector and leading electronic commerce companies, tradesmen and farmers, entrepreneurs and consumers will come together in the fair.

At the fair, which is seen as an important step in increasing the production capacity and portfolio of the cooperatives and ensuring that they have a share in exports, it is aimed to bring the vision and equipment required for this. In addition, each cooperative will have one-to-one meetings with market representatives and e-commerce company representatives in order to ensure that they take place in national and global markets by the Ministry of Trade.

In this context, cooperatives that will come together with e-commerce representatives will open the doors to meet buyers with one click. Cooperatives will also meet with the leading supermarket chains of our country, increase their equipment in quality and standardization and ensure that the cooperative products reach consumers through the markets.

Turkey Cooperatives Fair also "Cooperatives How to Open Export?", "Rural Development Two Key Geographical Indications and Cooperatives", "Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 Application in Cooperative" and "Supporting Cooperative Program" webinars will be held on the subject.

At the fair, there will be areas where masters who continue to disappear such as glass, silver processing, felt art, marbling art, pottery and wood carving, where they practice their crafts. Necessary measures will be taken within the framework of social distance and hygiene rules in accordance with the pandemic conditions we are in at the fair, which will host many events.

Within the scope of Covid-19 measures, the following measures will be taken to prevent exhibitors and guests from being affected by the epidemic:

  • There will be a hand-held thermometer to measure fever at the entrance door, a thermal camera will be placed at the entrance of the area, and social distance markings will be placed in the entrance and exit areas.
  • By using the disinfection cabinets and clouding system at the entrance of the area, the guests will be provided with the solution in the cabin quickly and in accordance with the standards.
  • Reminding signs will be made on the escalators to observe the social distance in the fair area.
  • The fairground will be regularly disinfected, cleaning will be done with vacuum cleaners and workers will be provided to work with masks and gloves.
  • 100% fresh air will be supplied to all halls in the building.
  • Disinfectant units and social distance markings will be kept in WCs
  • 20.000 CE-approved full ultrasonic masks will be kept in the registration unit to be distributed to visitors during registration.
  • Visors, transparent gloves, hand disinfectants, spray disinfectants will be distributed to stand staff and employees.
  • Information and disinfection stands will be set up in the fair area and hand-held thermometers will be provided to be used where necessary.
  •  The fairground will be disinfected at appropriate intervals by fogging with a CE certified disinfectant machine.
  • By choosing full maxima stands instead of half maxima, stand lengths will be increased and the contact of the stands will be prevented.

The fair aims to promote and expand the cooperative business model, which is the reflection of imece culture in commercial life.

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