Kovid-19 Cooperation from TSE and YÖK

Covid-19 Cooperation from TSE and YÖK
Covid-19 Cooperation from TSE and YÖK

📩 03/09/2020 12:42

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, stating that the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) will prepare a Guide for the Development of Healthy and Clean Environments in Higher Education Institutions and Infection Control Measures, “The guide is at universities within the scope of combating the Kovid-19 epidemic and "It will focus on creating healthier environments."


A cooperation protocol was signed between YÖK and TSE to increase information sharing, to develop cooperation in technical fields, to combat the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic and infectious diseases. Minister Varank and YÖK President Prof. Dr. A ceremony was held at the Ministry of Industry and Technology due to the protocol signed by Yekta Saraç. TSE President Prof. Dr. Adem Şahin was also present.


In his speech at the ceremony, Minister Varank emphasized that they will take an important step in order to realize face-to-face education in universities in safe and healthy conditions with the cooperation protocol. Pointing out that from the first days of the Kovid-19 outbreak, they have implemented holistic and pro-active policies under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Varank said:


The industrial sector is the backbone of our economy, with its contributions to employment, exports and innovation. We have very strong production infrastructures. Throughout the epidemic, we have made efforts to maintain this solid infrastructure in the best possible way. As the ministry, while implementing practices that will ensure continuity in production, protecting the health of workers has become our red line.


Through the TSE channel, we determined the needs to keep the market dynamics alive. We quickly developed innovative solutions. We determined the measures to be taken for the production facilities. We published the 'COVID-19 Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control Guide' for industrial organizations.


While guiding industrial facilities in combating the epidemic, we recommended that they take simple, effective and low-cost measures. We have audited the enterprises that meet the standards in the guide and carry out their processes accordingly, upon application. We also gave 'Kovid-19 Safe Production Certificate' to companies that passed the audit. Until today, 681 companies have been entitled to receive this certificate.


This policy, which was initiated for the industrial sector, attracted great attention from other sectors. By adding new areas to the guide, we included the tourism and service sectors in the study of TSE. We started to issue Kovid-19 Safe Service and Safe Tourism Quality Certificates to businesses that implement the suggested measures. So far, we have delivered documents to a total of 514 companies in these areas. According to the information we have obtained from the field, these certification activities have very constructive returns to companies.


We attach great importance to the safe return of all our children to school when the time comes. For this purpose, we prepared the 'Improving Hygiene Conditions, Infection Prevention and Control Guide' for educational institutions. We aim to reduce the disease burden of children, staff and families by establishing an effective hygiene management in schools. We certify the schools that pass the implementation phase with the 'My School is Clean' certificate. We have audited 67 private schools so far and completed the certification process.


Cooperation between YÖK and TSE in technical fields is realized. In the first stage, we will prepare the 'Development of Healthy and Clean Environments in Higher Education Institutions and Infection Control Measures Guide' together. This Guide will focus on creating healthier environments in universities within the scope of combating the Kovid-19 epidemic and communicable diseases. In addition, the necessary infrastructure will be developed to ensure hygiene conditions in universities, to implement and follow-up infection control measures.


As the Ministry, we will continue to stand by our universities through all our technical know-how, training, inspection and certification activities. Therefore, our main priority is that they receive education in the healthiest and safest conditions. I hope our universities will continue face-to-face education in the best possible way from where it left off. " said.

An Important Step

President of YÖK Prof. Dr. Yekta Saraç said, “The Guide to Developing Healthy and Clean Environments in Higher Education Institutions and Infection Control Measures, which we will prepare together with the Ministry of Industry and Technology, is an important step in the fight against this Kovid-19 outbreak and other infectious diseases. "Our aim is to make university campuses and education-training environments healthier."

Following the speeches, Minister Varank and YÖK President Saraç signed a cooperation protocol with the aim of creating healthy and clean environments in higher education institutions, ensuring hygienic conditions, and applying infection control measures.

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