First Grants Distributed in the Ministry of Commerce's KOOP-DES Program

First Grants Distributed in the Ministry of Commerce's KOOP-DES Program
First Grants Distributed in the Ministry of Commerce's KOOP-DES Program

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, the development of cooperatives in Turkey and the COOP-DES Program considering the needs of the countries in the framework of cooperatives disseminate objective announced that they had implemented. In this context, the first grants were distributed.

The Ministry of Commerce started to accept applications from cooperatives within the scope of KOOP-DES as of July 15, 2020.

As a result of the evaluations made at the first stage, it was decided that 11 million lira of the projects of 54 women's cooperatives from 7,3 provinces, with a total cost of 5,4 million lira, will be covered by the Ministry of Commerce as grant support.

The support given was mostly for the purchase of machinery and equipment. In this context, 14 from Tokat, 7 from Adana, 7 from Antalya, 7 from Isparta, 5 from Hatay, 4 from Eskişehir, 3 from Istanbul, 3 from İzmir, 2 from Ankara, and Nevşehir. The projects of cooperatives, 1 from Bolu and 1 from Bolu, of which women are the majority of their partners and that aim to utilize women's labor, have been awarded grant support to contribute to the production and employment in accordance with their purpose and activity.

The Ministry will continue to receive applications from more cooperatives to benefit from the program and realize their investments.

The program aims to strengthen the institutional capacities of the cooperatives, make large segments of the society active economic actors in the production and consumption chain and increase the economic and social welfare of the citizens.

Continuing its efforts to make women active in all areas of the economy, the Ministry also supports women's cooperatives to increasingly operate in many areas from agriculture to service, from manufacturing to industry, and to take part in domestic and foreign markets.

In this respect, within the framework of KOOP-DES, as the first practice, cooperatives whose majority of partners are women and that aim to utilize women's labor can purchase goods related to machinery or equipment, care centers for the elderly and the disabled, child clubs, kindergartens and children Support is provided for the purchase of investment goods of day care homes, the promotion and marketing of the products they produce, service purchases for exhibitions and fair participation, and the employment of qualified personnel for their projects.

75 percent of the project amounts in regions with priority for development, 50 percent in other regions and 90 percent of the cooperatives where at least 75 percent of their partners are women, without seeking the priority region for development, are paid by the Ministry of Commerce as grants.



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