SunExpress Launches Flexible Pricing System With Artificial Intelligence

SunExpress Launches Flexible Pricing System With Artificial Intelligence
SunExpress Launches Flexible Pricing System With Artificial Intelligence

SunExpress, a joint venture of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, has now launched a new reservation system developed to provide price flexibility for each flight with its artificial intelligence technology.

As of July 23, SunExpress started to offer a new reservation system based on artificial intelligence (AI), which constantly monitors changes in demand for flights and offers price changes accordingly. In the new system, while many data such as current occupancy rates of flight and seat categories, reservations made or flight duration are analyzed, all data are evaluated to ensure optimization. The passenger data used in the calculations made in this process are kept confidential in accordance with legal processes.

Thanks to this system implemented by SunExpress, all SunExpress guests who want to book a seat will now be offered a wider range of alternative price options consisting of five different categories instead of two on each flight. Passengers who want to book seats in advance are offered only one fixed price option for all XLEG seats with more legroom and all other seats, while the new system offers two different price categories for XLEG reservations and three different price categories for other seats.

Thanks to demand-oriented advanced pricing algorithms, passengers will be able to benefit from lower price offers in many services other than seat selection. SunExpress will also be able to set a maximum price limit for seat reservations so that a certain tariff fee is not exceeded.

SunExpress Revenue Management Manager Roland Hans said about this project they implemented: “By making our prices more dynamic for seat reservations, we offer our passengers more flexibility. As an airline constantly working and developing to increase customer satisfaction, it is now possible for us to offer our guests more price options. In addition, with the new system, we take a big step in the use of today's technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and strengthen our position as an innovative airline. "

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