First Stage Completed in SSB's Herd UAV Competition

Photo: Presidency Defense Industry Presidency

The first phase of the competition organized by the Presidency of Defense Industry within the scope of the Swarm UAV Technology Development and Demonstration Project with the participation of micro-scale companies and SMEs has been completed.

Presidency Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir stated the following in his statement on the subject:

“The Turkish defense industry has achieved significant success in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles in recent years. Today, national and domestic UAVs used by our security forces have become one of the leading systems of their class in the world. As the Turkish defense industry, we continue our efforts to develop ourselves technologically and to acquire new technologies in this field. The use of unmanned systems with the swarm concept significantly increases the level of protection of friendly elements, firepower, precise destruction of targets, intelligence, observation and reconnaissance possibilities and capabilities. While our tactical class UAVs perform important tasks in terms of serving as a swarm, our micro-scale companies and SMEs have the capability in this area. kazanWe started the Swarm UAV Technology Development and Demonstration Project in order to strengthen the ecosystem in swarm UAV technology. With the Herd UAV Technology Development and Demonstration Project, we aim to develop algorithms and software for the use of unmanned platforms in the swarm concept by micro-scale companies and SMEs. Within the scope of the project, we organized a competition consisting of four phases. We carried out the first phase of the first phase at Kalecik UAV Test Center. As we see the excitement and determination of our companies, our hope and belief increase. I believe that our companies participating in this competition will make a significant contribution to the defense of our country with the UAVs they will develop at a higher level.”

26 companies applied to the first stage

Fixed Wing Swarm UAV Open Environment Target Detection and Destruction Mission-Pre-Programmed Arm Flight Comprehensive Phase-1 Stage-1 competition, 26 companies applied. Support was provided to companies that met the required qualifications by covering technology development costs. Many companies participated in the flight tests held at the Kalecik UAV Test Center and demonstrated their capabilities.

Companies that have successfully completed the Phase-1 Phase-1 flight tests will continue their development and production activities within the scope of the project with Phase-2 Surveillance and Task Transfer. The third and fourth phases of Phase-1 will consist of "Close Range Discovery, Target Detection and Destruction" and "Long Distance Reconnaissance by Leaving the Carrier Platform, Target Detection and Destruction".

The contest will end after the following phases are completed:

  • Phase-2: Rotary Wing Swarm UAV Indoor Navigation Mission
  • Phase-3: Drone Threats with a Fixed / Rotary Wing Swarm UAV Mission
  • Phase-4: Fixed / Rotary Wing UAV and UAV Herd Mission in Open and Closed Environment

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