MEB Announced! Only Preschool and 21st Grades Will Start Education on September 1

MEB Announced! Only Preschool and 21st Grades Will Start Education on September 1
MEB Announced! Only Preschool and 21st Grades Will Start Education on September 1

The Minister of National Education, Ziya Selçuk, made a written statement on face-to-face education in schools that will start "progressive and diluted" on Monday, September 21, 2020.

“We have been watching the world since the very beginning of the epidemic process. As you all know, we make decisions in line with the evaluations of the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee and in the light of scientific data, and we are going to implement these decisions in the most correct way.

Nearly all European countries started face-to-face education in schools, all grades and classes. However, we are in favor of a more controlled and gradual start in our country.

According to this; On the start date we set as September 21, we will begin face-to-face education only - with our preschoolers who are already open and with freshmen who need an emotional connection with the school. Our first year primary school students will be at our schools for 1 day during the adaptation week, and 2 days a week in the following weeks. At the end of the three weeks starting from 21 September, we will re-evaluate the process for starting education in other levels and classes.

Parental consent is important to us in starting face-to-face education. If our parents wish, they can make an excuse not to send the student face to face. In this case, our student will continue distance education and will not be considered absent.

In line with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, the class size will be divided into groups for face-to-face education and the length of stay of our children at school will be shortened. Training will continue through distance education in addition to face-to-face training. Thus, education and training will continue by using both face-to-face education and distance education opportunities. The reduction in class size will be equally reflected on school buses.

We take all kinds of measures regarding cleanliness and hygiene in face-to-face education under the guidance of our Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee. First year students who have not experienced school life before; We will meet with our diluted classrooms, our training program, our non-contact games that they will play with respect to social distance, our contents of the week of harmony studied meticulously and of course the efforts of our teachers who will shoulder this process.

Regarding distance education, we have a very intense and trouble-free infrastructure on EBA Television and the EBA digital platform. We prioritize live lessons in distance education, and we provide students and teachers with the opportunity to conduct simultaneous and interactive lessons in digital environment. We also prepared game-based digital content in order to encourage our 1st grade students to love distance education.

Right now, our only goal is to bring our children together with their schools and to welcome our children who will start school on September 21st. We are ready for this with our teachers, schools, all our attention and devotion. "

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