ASKI Discounts Take Your Breath

ASKI Discounts Take Your Breath
ASKI Discounts Take Your Breath

Ankara Water and Sewerage Administration (ASKI) General Directorate continues to apply a 50 percent discount on water bills of veterans, martyrs' relatives, disabled people and university students. 62 thousand 557 capitalists benefit from ASKI's discount application.

With a total number of 2 million 401 thousand 150 subscribers, ASKİ General Directorate has been offering a 50 percent discount on water bills for veterans, martyrs, disabled citizens and university students for a while.

According to the information given by the officials of ASKI Subscriber Affairs Department; The number of subscribers benefiting from the discount of veterans and martyrs' relatives in the capital Ankara was announced as 4 thousand 680, and the number of subscribers benefiting from the disabled discount was announced as 56 thousand 868.


As Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş fulfilled his promise of 31% water reduction to student houses before the March 50 Local Elections, the university students who did not reside with their families and whose water subscription was on their own, take a sigh of relief at the billing time. One thousand 50 students have benefited from the water discount since June 15, 2019, when the decision to reduce the water and wastewater tariffs at student homes was made official. Thus, 9 people from the capital have benefited from ASKI's discount application so far.


In order to benefit from the discount, the students must be given a "document showing that they are residing at the place of subscription, a document from the Social Security Institution (SGK) that they do not work anywhere, and a document showing that they are studying in a formal school (provided that they are limited to normal education)" and ASKI '' they have to apply.

In order for the veterans and martyrs' relatives to benefit from the application, a photocopy of the "Veteran's Free Card" and "Martyr's Relative Free Card" is requested from the Ministry of Family and Social Policies or SGK. Disabled citizens, on the other hand, can benefit from the disabled discount if they have at least 40 percent disability, according to the Health Board report.


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