Countdown has begun for Izmir's first international marathon

Countdown has begun for Izmir's first international marathon
Countdown has begun for Izmir's first international marathon

📩 12/11/2020 18:03

Organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Izmir's first international marathon will be run on Sunday, October 4th. Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality at the International İzmir Marathon, where two races, 10 and 42 kilometers, will be held. Tunç Soyer will accompany the athletes with the 5001 chest number.

The 300-kilometer marathon, where participation is limited to 42 people due to the pandemic, will start from Lausanne Square at 07.30:XNUMX in the morning. Running, Lausanne SquareKarşıyaka It will be built on the route between Atatürk Monument-İnciraltı City Forest-Lausanne Square. Again, under security measures, the 700-kilometer run, in which 10 people will participate, will start at 08.00:XNUMX from the same point. The race will be held on the route of Şair Eşref Boulevard-Alsancak Port-Arkas Building-Lausanne Square-Sabancı Cultural Center-Vasıf Çınar Boulevard.

Outbreak measures were taken

All participants will be in isolation three days before the run within the framework of coronavirus measures. Access to the event area will be allowed from a single point. Disposable pens will be used for signature. Fire measurements of everyone entering the race area will be made. Social distance of 1,5 meters will be taken into consideration during warm-up. The start will be given in groups of four with an interval of 5 seconds. Each group will be 5 meters apart. Masks will be collected in waste areas. Water will be distributed to them without contact. Ambulances will be placed on the entire track.

There is also virtual running

Izmir Marathon will be carried to the virtual environment. Those who want to participate in the virtual marathon need to create a profile by signing up to # bizkoşarız Virtual Running Club with their Facebook profile, Google account or e-mail address. Then, the profile will be matched with the desired GPS device, smart watch or phone application and the virtual run will be selected. Points will be accumulated for each kilometer run and rewards will be earned in return.

Stating that the marathon is a very important opportunity for İzmir, Mayor Soyer said, “İzmir has the feature of being one of the flattest marathon tracks in the world. This feature also means a suitable ground for record attempts. Izmir will be a city to talk much more with this marathon, ”he said.

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