Istanbul VIP Transfer: IstanbulVIPTurizm for Safe, Comfortable and Economic Solutions

Istanbul VIP Transfer continues to carry you with safe, comfortable and economical solutions with its 15 years of experience. With the precautions taken against the coronavirus epidemic, the company, which has made VIP transportation, has been serving in Istanbul with its technological infrastructure and experienced personnel for years.

Companies operating in VIP Transfer Sector, airport transfers, weddings and bridal car rental, Turkey daily tours throughout the property, car rental services, political election and protocol services and a company that has signed the quality of service with ski tours to popular ski resorts. Istanbul VIP Transport With its latest model vehicles, especially airport transfers, it is a top level company compared to other companies with its punctual and quality services.

All VIP vehicles are regularly disinfected. Drivers, on the other hand, are educated and conscious about pandemic measures. In addition, necessary health screenings are also routinely done. Let's introduce the company we have been serving for years ...

VIP Transfer Tools and Features

VIP vehicles are safe and clean, but comfortable and comfortable. All kinds of COVID 19 precautions have been taken and it is disinfected after each trip. All vehicles are Mercedes Vito and they have air conditioning, TV, DVD, refrigerator as well as unlimited internet connection.

The seats are converted into beds if desired, and various treats are also offered during the journey, providing home comfort to passengers.

VIP Daily Tours

For daily tours, it is enough to contact us, Istanbul VIP Transfer company has received full marks from its customers as a result of its special and quality day tour services for years. It provides its customers with a unique travel opportunity with daily tours of Istanbul, Bursa, Yalova and Sapanca. In addition, in places such as Uludağ and Kartepe, it is possible to do the following daily tours with the company, which has specially designed vehicles for ski and alternative plateau tourism, with a loyal customer portfolio:

VIP Wedding and Bridal Car Rental

VIP car rental services with private chauffeurs, which take COVID-19 measures VIP wedding car rental The company, which is an expert in its field, does its job in an extremely professional way. Prices, on the other hand, can be tailored to suit you with options suitable for every budget. Classic, sporty, vintage or latest model luxury cars are among the options ...

VIP Protocol and Selection Tools

Istanbul VIP transfer company in your business meetings or various events car rental with driver With the service, you can travel safely. All vehicles in the company are used by well-trained professional drivers. When you call the company you will definitely prefer in election campaigns and protocol transfers, they will offer you special solutions ...

Coronavirus Precautionary Intercity VIP Transfer

The company, which provides the most economical and safe service for intercity transfers with VIP vehicles, where cleaning and hydrogen measures are taken and disinfectant is made before each trip, makes transfers from Istanbul to many cities such as Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Sakarya, Black Sea, Antalya, Bodrum and Çeşme. Intercity VIP transfer It is more appropriate to rent a VIP Vito transfer vehicle in this way, rather than giving a lot of money separately, especially for families of 3-5 people, since it is both affordable, safe, comfortable and luxurious in the common use of transfer vehicles and is safe for traveling away from the danger of coronavirus.

To give an example about the price advantage in intercity transfers with VIP vehicles: “A family of 4 people who want to go from Istanbul to Ankara by bus will give a total of 200 TL from 800 TL per person. Bus station transportationThis increases to 100 TL-1200 TL with extra expenses such as expenses and expenses on the way. However, you are picked up and dropped off from home from the VIP transfer, or you are left between the locations you want according to the customer's preference, and in a 9-person vehicle, you travel 5 people with the driver due to the social distance rule due to the corona virus. Safe, fast and luxurious with a small margin from the bus transportation you are doing

Shorten Your Transportation Time with VIP Transfer

The advantage of VIP transfer is not only safe and cheap, but also faster and more comfortable than buses. 7-8 hours by bus to Ankara, 3-4 hours by bus, 8-10 hours by bus to Izmir, 3-5 hours by VIP transfers, 13 hours to Bodrum by transfer, and 6 hours instead of 16 hours to Antalya. accessible.

VIP Vehicle Features

Our VIP vehicles are comfortable and comfortable, as well as being safe and clean. All of our vehicles are Mercedes Vito and have air conditioning, TV, DVD, refrigerator as well as internet connection. The seats are transformed into beds if desired, and various treats are also provided during the journey, providing home comfort to passengers. The following tools are available:

  • Mercedes Vito (5 seater)
  • Mercedes Vito (8 seater)
  • Mercedes Sprinter (13 people)

Istanbul Airport Transfer

For economic, security, fast and hygenic solutions in Istanbul airport transportation and Istanbul airport transfer, please call VIP Istanbul Tourism company.

VIP Car Reservation

Reservation and click for price inquiry screen. To inquire about reservations here Click here.


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