Infrastructure Construction of Bursa Yenişehir High Speed ​​Line Ends in 2021

Infrastructure Construction of Bursa Yenişehir High Speed ​​Line Ends in 2021
Infrastructure Construction of Bursa Yenişehir High Speed ​​Line Ends in 2021

Actually… these pillars are constant followers, especially fast train developments those who watch closely will remember.


9 June 2018 day with high speed train station locations We have included the following information about:

Central Gürsu Plain 'Nda Piled 'da The intermediate station is included in the project, but this station will be built according to future needs, not today.

Recently Son

From the tender Dip'or one after the other until its extension good news incoming fast train about, a new development regarding stations there is more.

That development too ...

Erkan Aydin, CHP Deputy of Bursaon 12 June 2020 Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and InfrastructureIt appeared with the answer coming to the question proposal given with the request of answering.

In his proposal…

Intellectual, the city is a big with patience expect by high speed train related asked:

“Is it true that the news that the project will be completed in 2023? Is there an exact date? How was the route shaped in its final form? Where are the settlements on the train passage? Where are the missing routes? How much allowance has been allocated, what is the amount spent so far? "


To this motion Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Strategy Development Directorate answered by.

Most important…

Responses to the motion about high speed trainnew developments revealed.

According to this…

Bandırma-Bursa-Yenisehir-Osmaneli in high speed train project Bursa-Yenisehir Ongoing infrastructure works on the line are planned to be completed in 2021.

All of the line To 2023 It is also emphasized that the work for them continues.


Bursa-Yenisehir of the line "In Nilüfer district Balat locality central station Gürsu district İğdir Station will be completed with Airport Station in Yenişehir district. Called.

However Bun

The project is prepared and processed in the plan and "When needed in the future" said to be made the east station is off the shelf, the place de Iğdir Village This is the first time that it will be officially recorded.

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