TAI Increased R&D Expenditures 2-fold Compared to the Previous Year

TAI Increased R&D Expenditures 2-fold Compared to the Previous Year
TAI Increased R&D Expenditures 2-fold Compared to the Previous Year

Turkey's leading aerospace company Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) accelerated its R & D investment continues unabated. TUSAŞ, which reached 2018 billion TL in 1.5 R&D expenditures, doubled this figure in 2019 and made a total of 3 billion TL in R&D and innovation projects. 2019 percent of the total turnover in 34.4 was allocated to R&D expenditures.

In the aviation and space industry, which requires high technology, we bring the latest technology to our products and our country. kazanTUSAŞ, which continues its uninterrupted R&D investments in order to TAI takes firm steps forward to become a leading company that steers the aerospace ecosystem by following innovative technologies and integrating them into its products to provide sustainable competitive advantage on a global scale.

TAI Ankara Herokazan In addition to our R&D Center located in its facilities, it is also possible to train human resources to meet the needs of the defense industry and to ensure university-industry cooperation at the campuses in METU Teknokent, Istanbul Technopark, ITU ARI Teknokent, Yıldız Technical University Technopark, Ulutek Technopark (Uludağ University) and Hacettepe Teknokent. continues to carry out joint projects for the facility.

Within the scope of these activities, TAI has doubled its expenditures at the end of 2019 compared to the previous year and spent more than 3 billion TL on R&D. Continuing its R&D employment even during the pandemic period, TAI increased the number of R&D personnel to 2020 thousand with the employment of approximately 150 personnel in the first six months of 3.

Positioning innovation and technology as the main leverage, TAI continued to evaluate the pandemic period efficiently in this area. R&D personnel working at TAI have also accelerated their studies in the field of national patent and utility model development. Having made a total of 2019 patent applications in 46, TAI continued to contribute to the technology of the future by making a total of 2020 patent applications in the first six months of 48.

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