Greenest Office Plaque Awarded to IETT

Greenest Office Plaque Awarded to IETT
Greenest Office Plaque Awarded to IETT

The Greenest Office plaque was presented to IETT, which is among the top institutions in the 'Greenest Offices' survey conducted by enVision every year.

Istanbul Elektrik Tramway and Tunnel Operations (IETT), after switching to the Electronic Document Management System, provided an uninterrupted automation in business processes and achieved significant savings in paper consumption.

According to the results of the Greenest Office research conducted by enVision every year, IETT, which ranks first according to the results announced this year, was presented with the 'Greenest Office' plaque by enVision officials for the paper savings they provided in the institution.

In the plaque presentation held at the IETT General Directorate, the plaque was given by Deputy General Managers Dr. Hasan Özçelik, Hamdi Alper Kolukısa and Murat Altıkardeşler received it. At the plaque presented by enVision officials Kutlu Sagay and Ayberk Yurtsever, Editor-in-Chief Ülkü Yazıcı and Head of Human Resources and Education Department Naşit Oskay were also present.

Time and cost savings were achieved

IETT Deputy General Manager Dr. In his speech after the plaque presentation, Hasan Özçelik noted that after they started using the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), they optimized the business processes in the organization and achieved significant time and cost savings.

Deputy General Manager Özçelik stated that the business processes carried out with documents become automatic, decision-making processes are accelerated, transaction queues and completion time are shortened, human errors are eliminated, and internal communication channels have become better.

Corporate Communications Manager Ayberk Yurtsever, who presented the plaque on behalf of enVision, stated in his short speech that they congratulate IETT for the value they attach to both technology and nature. Noting that preventing the cutting down of hundreds of trees is an important success thanks to the paper savings achieved, Yurtsever concluded his words by expressing their satisfaction of seeing IETT at the top of the list of Greenest Offices.

Millions of papers are saved from going to waste

Thanks to the Electronic Document Management System, thanks to the reduced amount of paper in IETT due to electronic transactions, the organization's contribution to the environment was as follows:

915 trees were saved from being cut down, 4,5 million liters of water was saved, 258 tons of carbon dioxide emission was prevented and 18 tons of solid waste was prevented. Thus, in the said period, approximately 7,5 million sheets of A4 paper were prevented from being wasted.

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