Ferrari Introduces New Portofino M Model

Ferrari Introduces New Portofino M Model
Ferrari Introduces New Portofino M Model

Legendary Italian sports car brand Ferrari introduced the new Portofino M model. Standing out as a facelifted version of the Ferrari Portofino in a sense, the Portofino M responds to those seeking performance and enjoyable driving with its dynamic exterior design details and its 4 cc 3855 HP V620 turbo engine, which has been selected as the “International Engine of the Year” four times in a row.

Among the notable innovations are the Portofino M's brand new double-clutch eight-speed gearbox and the "Race Mode" added to the Manettino. GT introduced its new automobile, Portofino M, which embodies performance, driving pleasure, agility and versatility. The New Type Threatening the World

The Portofino M, the first new model Ferrari was introduced to during the period after the coronavirus entered the COVID-19 process, continues the brand's legacy of excellence, and is presented to the likes of car lovers as the starting model of innovations.

The Portofino M, which contains the letter "M", which means its performance has been improved even more and means modified, goes beyond expectations with many technical innovations. Under the hood of the new model version, which reflects the evolution of the Ferrari Portofino model, there is a 4 cc engine belonging to the V8 turbo family, which has been selected as "International Engine of the Year" four times in a row. Along with the engine optimized to produce 3855 HP at 7.5 rpm, an 620-speed transmission is offered, which replaces the 7-speed version of Ferrari's current Portofino models.

Innovative technology and dynamic design elements

The technological evolution and high performance of the Ferrari Portofino M is evident in its dynamic exterior design. The Portofino M, which blends the sharp and smooth transitions in the design with the flowing forms, welcomes its driver with its more sporty and aggressive front bumpers. The compact dimensions of the model, which has a more sporty character than its predecessor Portofino, make it both a performance GT and an enjoyable car with maximum in-car comfort. Reflecting Ferrari's latest design and engineering approach, the Portofino M is located in the Manettino, which is a part of all the cars of the brand, with the addition of racing mode, with 5 positions. The racing mode, which further enhances the car's superior handling and traction, is supported by the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer, bringing driving pleasure to the highest level. The advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), ventilated and heated seats and the folding roof (RHT) in the Portofino M turn the car into a true Spider with superior driving comfort.

Technical Specifications of Ferrari Portofino M:


Tip:                                  90 degree turbocharged V8

Cylinder volume                3855 cc

Maximum power              620 HP (456 kW), 5750-7500 rpm

Maximum torque               760 Nm, 3000 - 5750 d / d


Size and Weight

Length                             4594 mm

Width                             1938 mm (2020 mm with side mirrors)

Height                           318 mm

Axle distance                     2670 mm

Empty weight                         1545 kg



Maximum speeding                  320 km / h

0-100 km / h                        3.4 sec

0-200 km / h                       9.8 sec

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