Inspections on Trams Increased in Eskişehir

Inspections on Trams Increased in Eskişehir
Inspections on Trams Increased in Eskişehir

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the Action Plan to Combat coronavirus continue to implement decisively, on the one hand by the Ministry of Interior Turkey while attending to the inspection carried out in general, while also continuing their continuous supervision.

Since the beginning of the pandemic period, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has been struggling to prevent the spread of the disease, continues to warn citizens about controlled social life. The police teams, who continue to raise awareness of the citizens about physical distance, masks and hygiene in the regions where there is density, also participate in the inspections carried out by the Ministry of Interior. In addition, the teams, which also carry out inspections in public transportation, shuttles and taxis, have intensified their inspections on trams in recent days. The teams, who warn the citizens about masks and distance by getting on the trams together with ESTRAM officers on the lines where the density is experienced, on the other hand, by checking the tickets in the vehicles, they take action within the framework of the Law on Misdemeanors.

Noting that the number of cases in Eskişehir is increasing day by day, the police teams especially remind the citizens of the 'obligation to wear a mask everywhere except home', which is taken by the Provincial General Hygiene Board.


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