Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Identifies 5 Problems in Transportation and Traffic

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Identifies 5 Problems in Transportation and Traffic
Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Identifies 5 Problems in Transportation and Traffic

As Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO), the relevant ministries and institutions were officially contacted in order to draw attention to transportation and traffic, one of the important problems of the city, to raise awareness and to take action to eliminate the problems.

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry President Celalettin Kesikbaş, who made an assessment on the subject, said, “We conveyed our requests to the Ministry of Transport and Trade in Ankara, the General Directorate of Highways, Eskişehir Highways Regional Directorate and Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality through TOBB, especially our Presidency. . At this point, in our official letters, we have presented five important problems awaiting immediate solution to the relevant authorities. These problems;

  1. Construction of North - South ring roads
  2. Lightening the traffic by building side roads to the existing ring road
  3. Bringing tram, subway, suburban and public transportation systems to industrial zones
  4. Modernization of Eskişehir OIZ entrance to ensure traffic flow and safety
  5. Connecting TEKSAN and surrounding industrial zones to Eskişehir OIZ with the overpass road system

Underlining that their demands on this issue will continue, Kesikbaş said, “In Eskişehir, where the city is expanded to the west and the industry to the east, transportation increases the cost, time loss, comfort problem, traffic and environmental pollution every day. Considering Eskişehir OSB, SME OIZ, ESTİM, Auto Galericiler Site, EMKO and TEKSAN located in Eskişehir industrial zones today, we know that there are more than 75.000 people working in these regions. Such a high mobility of people is tried to be transported only over the existing ring road and with rubber-wheeled vehicles. As ESO, we are obliged to make our voice heard, to convey our problems to the ministries, and to solve these problems on behalf of the employees who add value to Eskişehir industry and city. " said.

As Eskişehir Chamber of Industry; For Eskisehir and Eskisehir industry, the fast delivery of light rail systems to the regions where the industry is concentrated (Eskisehir OIZ, KOBI OIZ, Estim, Emko, Teksan, Tornacilar and Oto Galericiler Industrial Site), construction of North-South ring roads, the entrance of Eskisehir OIZ to clover transition. We request the construction of an overpass that will connect TEKSAN Industrial Site to Eskişehir OIZ.

We request a rail system to the North-South Ring Road and Eskişehir industrial zones.

As Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, we want to produce solutions to the problems of tens of thousands of people who go to work every day and add value to our industry and our city with the requests and suggestions we send to the relevant ministries in order to create an idea and awareness in order to solve the current problem of the years. As a permanent solution, we demand two parallel ring roads to be built in the North and South direction of the city, without being involved in the city traffic of the transit road traffic passing through our city. In this way, traffic that is not related to the city can be directed to the northern and southern provinces without joining the existing traffic. Another recommendation is to provide transportation to industrial areas with alternatives such as tram, subway, suburban as public transportation and to provide transportation to industrial areas with light rail systems in order to reduce the time loss of employees who spend more than 1 hour on their way to work every day and to prevent traffic congestion.

Our aim is to protect the value created by Eskişehir industry employees from the loss of time, to solve the problems caused by heavy traffic, accidents that have increased significantly in recent years, and these situations that cause loss of life and property. The expectation of our industrialists working, serving, creating and producing employment for the city is to ensure that their employees reach their workplaces in the safest, fastest, healthiest and most economical way.

We want overpass connection

As it is known, more than 500 manufacturers operating in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone have supplier relationships with hundreds of companies working as sub-industry in TEKSAN and environmental industry sites. Due to this supply chain, thousands of vehicles move from TEKSAN and other industrial sites to Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone every day. We request an overpass that will connect TEKSAN Industrial Estate to Eskişehir OIZ on the aforementioned road route. However, we expect the existing Eskişehir OSB entrance to be transformed into a clover shape and modernized.

With the overpasses and arrangements to be made, the traffic will be significantly relieved and the roads of tens of thousands of people who are transported to these areas every day will be shortened. In addition, transportation between more than 1.000 companies operating in the said region will be facilitated, significant economic and environmental gains will be achieved, cost and time loss will be minimized. We would like to state that these investments, which are closely related to the population living in Eskişehir, are areas that need to be emphasized and supported by all relevant parts of the city.



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