How to Do E-Pulse Covid-19 Test Result Inquiry? How to Make eGovernment Corona Test Result Inquiry?

How to Do E-Pulse Covid-19 Test Result Inquiry? How to Make eGovernment Corona Test Result Inquiry?
How to Do E-Pulse Covid-19 Test Result Inquiry? How to Make eGovernment Corona Test Result Inquiry?

📩 24/04/2022 23:02

How to query the e-Government corona test result? The fight against the Covid-19 virus, which started in China and affected all countries of the world, continues all over the world, including our country. Citizens who suspect because of Covid-19 symptoms have the test and can learn the result without going to the hospital. So, how is the questioning of the E-Pulse Covid-19 test result done?

Applications such as e-government and e-pulse, which are one of the conveniences offered by the state to citizens, enable health transactions to be performed easily. Corona test results, such as making an appointment and learning results, can also be learned via e-pulse.


Citizens who have a coronavirus test can obtain the results from the "eNabız" application.

  • For your test results, the first e-Pulse ( in to the page. After entering the system, click on the "My Analysis" category on the left screen.
  • In the new page that opens, click on the "Covid 19 test results" screen.
  • Then, fill in your personal information such as TR ID number, mobile phone number, barcode number. You can view your previous hospital reports including your covid-19 test result in the window that opens.


e-Pulse; Citizens can view and manage their personal health information individually on the Internet-based service and phone application; Inserted into practice by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey is a personal health record system used in Turkey.

Regardless of where your examinations, tests and treatments are performed, from e-Nabız, you can manage all your health information and access your medical resume in one place.

The world's largest and most comprehensive health informatics substation, which you can access safely over the internet, where your health records can be evaluated by physicians within the framework of the authorized period and limit determined by you, thus increasing the quality and speed of the diagnosis and treatment process, establishing a strong communication network between you and your physician. structure.


Authentication is possible in two ways when logging into the system.

1. You can log in to the system with your TR number using your E-Government password, E-Signature or Mobile Signature through the E-Devlet gateway (Figure 1). When you click on the E-Government entry, you will be directed to the E-Government entry you see in Figure 2.

Terms of Use are on the first screen where you are directed to create your profile information when you log in. To start creating your profile, you need to tick the box next to the text "I have read the terms of use of the e-Nabız System".

To create your profile information, Stage 2 is your personal information.

From the Sharing Options, you can choose who you want to have access to your personal health information. The last step in creating your profile information is Access Information. Here, you need to create and enter your mobile phone information and the e-Nabız password you want to use to log into the system. Then, by typing the single-use access code sent to your mobile phone into the Confirm Code field, you will be able to activate the e-Nabız.

2. If you do not have an e-Government password, you can log in to the system by registering your mobile phone number with your Family Physician registered to the Ministry of Health and using the single-use access code sent to you via a text message to your phone.

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